The ‘Alarming’ Mueller Testimony May Prove Trump’s ‘Scorched-Earth Politics’ Are Working, Says John Cassidy

For many, Robert Mueller’s testimony Wednesday was a disappointment. Republicans were disappointed that Mueller refused to answer questions about the Steele dossier, and Democrats were frustrated that he wouldn’t address Attorney General William Barr or actions of Congress. Politico reports that some are even concerned for Mueller’s health given his lack of sharpness at the testimony, and The Inquisitr reported that Donald Trump critic Michael Moore took to Twitter to launch an attack on the former Special Counsel.

Writing for The New Yorker, journalist John Cassidy called the hearings “alarming” and described feeling a “rising sense of dread about where the country is heading.” He highlights that Mueller seemed reluctant to say that Trump committed impeachable offenses ?— which some believe Mueller does himself believe ?— and said that the testimony might be a sign that Trump’s “blitzkrieg tactics” of demonizing opponents and dissidents in his own party and spreading propaganda have worked.

“If so, he will have recorded a historic victory over the bedrock American principles of congressional oversight and equality before the law.”

Cassidy highlighted that Mueller, a registered Republican and “decorated hero of the Vietnam War,” was treated with “thinly disguised contempt” by some members of the Republican Committee.

“The wanton disrespect that these elected Republicans showed Mueller was perhaps the most alarming testament yet to Trump’s total conquest of the Party,” he said, before claiming that the party is focused on nothing but following orders and staying in the leader’s good graces.

“That isn’t congressional oversight. It is scorched-earth politics of a kind that is entirely antithetical to the notion of checks and balances enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.”

Cassidy isn’t the only one to see this in the Republican party. Former Grand Old Party (GOP) member Justin Amash, who was the first of the party to call for Trump’s impeachment, left the party due to the partisan politics he witnessed. Per The Inquisitr, Amash claims that the Republican Party treats politics as a “cosmic battle” between “good and evil.” Reason reports that the 39-year-old congressman claims that the current GOP believes that going against Trump is favoring the side of evil.

As The Inquisitr reported, Amash claims that partisan politics run deep into Congress, and said that it’s no longer a deliberative body but a formality to legislate the outcomes of the president, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He also said that both Democrats and Republicans have forgotten that the system depends on respect and trust.

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