Julianne Hough Wigs Out Like Dolly Parton On 'America's Got Talent' Season 14

Julianne Hough is becoming the breakout star of America's Got Talent Season 14. She won that spot during Judges Cuts if only because she was willing to be different no matter how silly she came off while fooling around. In fact, this week, her look was a hair away from being a little too out there.

Hough wore a wild wig.

The wig was so wild compared to her typically sleek 'do that many viewers appeared to do a double take. After she posted a picture of her fresh appearance, social media was buzzing.

Instagram was particularly astounded, and not afraid to say so. After seeing Hough's new wig on her beautiful head, many opined as to who they thought she resembled while wearing her locks in that curly and very bushy way.

When Hough did a side-by-side comparison of her new look with Dolly Parton's, her brother Derek said she actually looked like rocker Dee Snyder.

Another person voted on a Cabbage Patch Doll as her hair doppleganger while another insisted she clearly resembled Frank Reynolds from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Adam Davis, one of AGT's producers, simply quipped, "Girl, you're unbeweavably beautiful."

Apparently, Hough doesn't find it hard to laugh at herself. The 31-year-old dancer-judge has talked about so many aspects of her life and life in general on Instagram. This included the topic of love, intimacy and other very personal matters, as The Inquisitr noted earlier this summer.

Now she has started to lighten up.

One July 24 post produced for Hough's 4.8 million followers was photobombed by her fellow AGT judge, Gabriel Union. That didn't seem to bother Hough, though. Instead, she just stared into the camera, smiling.

Besides her blonde wig, she had on a silver mini-dress that was akin to what a Grecian goddess would wear except that her frock was much shorter than those flowing gowns.

The 31-year-old's dress featured decidedly sassy elements, like a silver sash tied around her neck and a flared skirt like those that skaters wear. Sadly, the most obvious aspect of this ensemble was that very big wig -- a touch that was not flattering, as mentioned by many of Hough's fans.

To show even more of her goofy self, Hough included a short video behind-the-scenes of AGT.

In the social media clip, she donned beautifully understated makeup (curled lashes, black liner and pale pink lipstick) as she munched on a banana. While she continued to eat during the brief post, a man in the background enjoyed a high-pitched, unrestrained belly laugh.

Meanwhile, in another one of her Instagram posts from July 24, Hough was still wearing her wacky wig that gave off an '80s vibe. She cleverly called out her shot by captioning it, "I think we'll call this look, Slay-G-T."