Jessica Chastain Mistaken For Bryce Dallas Howard By Dad Ron, ‘IT Chapter Two’ Star Posts Funny Audition Video

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Jessica Chastain made Ron Howard do a triple take. The veteran filmmaker mistakenly identified his daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, when he came into contact with the other red-headed, fair-skinned, light-eyed actress.

The thespian who plays Beverly Marsh in IT Chapter Two has frequently been confused with Bryce. However, the time that member of the Howard tribe was confused for Jessica by her own father took the proverbial cake.

Chastain was at an Apple store at the same time Ron was there. She remarked to a friend, “That’s Ron Howard,” according to a recent report from ET Online.

A short time later, Bryce’s dad said to a companion, “I think I just saw Bryce.”

Bryce said Ron was “shook” after that happened, but even 38-year-old Bruce admits that 42-year-old Jessica is nearly her doppelgänger.

Perhaps even more surprising than Ron’s case of mistaken identity was when Jessica herself thought Bryce was pictured in a magazine instead of Chastain, according to the Zero Dark Thirty actress via Edition CNN.

“Before my career took off, I remember one time being on the subway and I was looking at a magazine and there was a picture of [Bryce], like a small picture, and I was like ‘What am I doing in this magazine?’ I actually had that thought.”

To confuse matters even further, both Jessica and Chastain were cast in Oscar-winning The Help in 2011.

Meanwhile, many aspects of Jessica’s life are solely her own. As seen in a posting by Bella Thorne, Chastain had been swift to compliment the “Midnight Sun” actress when her new book — The Life of a Wanna Be Mogul — was released.

Although she has yet to read the fresh tome, Chastain called her colleague “a rule breaker,” a trait that she loves.

She also commented that other women “could benefit from behaving a little less” than is typical, creating much food for thought among the female masses.

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As for Jessica?

She is not afraid to make jabs at her own profession, as seen in her hilarious Instagram post above.

In the social media video, the accomplished thespian gets pushed to her limit in an audition in which the producers won’t let her get past introducing her character without being asked for an exasperating number of different takes on how to do so.

Chastain was last seen at Comic-Con representing IT Chapter Two with the rest of the cast. In addition, the horror film’s final trailer was featured at the annual San Diego gathering.

It Chapter Two, co-starring Jessica Chastain, debuts in theaters on September 6.