Microsoft Xbox 360 Exclusive Movie, ‘Pulp’ Launches Today

The Xbox 360 exclusive British indie comedy, Pulp, has officially launched today. Presumably needing to find a way to take on the Playstation 4, Microsoft is using their signature console to branch out.

Until the long awaited Xbox 720 is finally on the market, the company is looking to leverage the ability to watch television and movies on their console by actually starting to offer up original content.

Netflix seems to have started a new trend with their success with House of Cards, and Microsoft is hoping they can have equal success with Pulp.

Engadget reports that the movie is actually on a couple of different short lists for indie movie awards but that it launched on the Microsoft Xbox 360 because a different approach was needed to get it in front of audiences.

The maker of the film cited the high costs of marketing as why they decided to go this route. The Verge reports that UK studios simply wouldn’t foot the bill to have it in theaters because there weren’t any “bankable”.

The comedy centers around a comic book writer who gets involuntarily involved by the police in a money-laundering ring that he has to try and stop.

Because the Microsoft Xbox 360 has already established that you can download and stream movies and videos to the console, they have a system already set up to handle the marketing for a movie like this.

iTunes might have been another way for Pulp to go but it almost seems cynergistic that a movie that involves a past time that is recognized by “geeky” by portions of the population would debut on a format that is also viewed as “geeky” by those same people.

It also appears that the movie might be offered up for slightly less than you could get it should it be on iTunes. For $14.75 (1,120 Microsoft Points), you can get the standard definition version of the flick.

For $17.75 (1,420 Microsoft Points) you can get your hands on the high definition version of the movie download.

Will you check out the Xbox 360 exclusive movie Pulp?