‘Batman’ Nabs Criminal In Britain, Hands Him Over To Police

British authorities got an unexpected visit from Batman last week when the caped crusader strolled into a local police station and handed over a wanted criminal.

An unidentified man wearing a vintage style Batman costume, complete with cape and mask, has apparently been fighting crime in the city of Bradford. Last week, he nabbed a suspect and delivered him straight into the hands of officers at the Trafalgar House police station.

A spokesperson for the Bradford police department spoke about the bizarre encounter to The Telegraph:

“Batman came into the help desk, stated to the staff ‘I’ve caught this one for you’ and then promptly vanished into the night.”

The crime-fighting superhero was captured on closed circuit television cameras as he reportedly dragged the criminal into the station in the early morning hours of February 25, much to the surprise of the officers on duty.

Media outlets have described the mysterious vigilante as a slightly overweight gentleman dressed in full Batman regalia.

While his costume was reportedly closer to what you might find in a Halloween shop than the sleek suit seen in Hollywood blockbusters, it certainly didn’t detract from his crime-fighting mission.

According to The Guardian, the unfortunate target of Batman’s brand of justice was indeed wanted by police. The 27-year old male suspect was quickly arrested on suspicion of burglary, breaching a court order, and fraud.

He is scheduled to appear in Bradford magistrates court on March 8 to face charges stemming from the handling of stolen property and various fraud-related offenses.

As for the curious Batman-attired vigilante, police have yet to determine his identity. However, because authorities had not publicly shared information about their search for the wanted criminal, they suspect the homegrown crusader may have known the suspect personally.

It remains to be seen if Britain’s Batman will come forward or, in true superhero fashion, remain a mystery.

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