David Spade Opens Up About Kate Spade’s Suicide, Says She ‘Wouldn’t Have Done It, Five Minutes Later’

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Just over a year after Kate Spade’s untimely suicide, family and friends are still remembering the late designer.

Though she is famous herself, Kate created Hollywood ties in the family when she married Andy Spade, who is the brother of actor David Spade. Since the death of his beloved sister-in-law, David has been remembering Kate in a number of interviews as well as on social media. Most recently, the actor chatted about Kate, who he lovingly calls “Katy,” in an interview with The New York Times. In the interview, David made it no secret how special his sister-in-law was to him. When reflecting on her suicide, the actor shared that he thinks things would have turned out a little bit differently if Kate could do things over.

“I feel like Katy wouldn’t have done it, five minutes later. But these things happen and there’s no going back.”

The actor also talked about the fashion designer’s personality in the feature, touching on her great sense of humor.

“Katy was so funny,” he shared.

“I don’t know if agoraphobic is the word, but she didn’t like to mingle a lot; she’d have people at her house and she was always so funny.”

As fans know, Kate took her own life in June 2018. The fashion designer was found in her New York City Apartment by one of her housekeepers and shortly after that, the death was ruled a suicide. While many fans took to social media to mourn the loss of the iconic designer, David also paid tribute to his beloved family member on Twitter shortly after she passed.

Along with a photo of Kate attending one of David’s book signings and grinning from ear-to-ear, the Tommy Boy actor shared a touching caption to remember her. Spade said that he loved that particular photo of Kate because she looked so pretty in it before telling fans that he wishes everyone knew just how funny she was. He then ended the post with a somber message.

“Its a rough world out there people. Try to hang on,” he shared.

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Dear Katy, this tree is for you. Bea and are planting it outside of our big window to keep your magical spirit and energy close to us everyday. It will bless our new home in California and radiate your essence 365 days a year. You were illumines and we feel your presence wherever we go. I want to thank you for all of the wonderful gifts you gave me over the years. For your beauty, intelligence and grace under pressure. For your boundless generosity, unflappable honesty and kindness to all living things. For your strength, courage and conviction to your ideals. For your belief in me and so many others. For your infectious laughter and sharp wit. There was never a dull moment with you. Through the peaks and valleys and alleyways we serpentined through together you were always there. We grew up together, helped raise one another yet vowed to retain our innocence as best we could. You taught me that modesty is always the best policy, to see the good in everyone and to stand up for the crazy and less fortunate. You hated hype and loved the humble. You called me out on my bullshit yet were nonjudgmental. You talked straight and let me know when I was was being cynical or sarcastic. You were my best friend, my confidant, my partner in life, business and mischief. The ying to my yang and the zig to my zag. We played ping pong with ideas. Our shared passion for The Golden Rule, Kipling’s “If”, Strunk and White, Atticus Finch and millions other things bound us together like superglue. You were and still are my Superwoman. I hope you know how many people you inspired through the example you set in the way you lived and the work you created. You were and still are my favorite poem. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all you have given me and so many others. May your bright, multicolored spirit shine down on us everyday. Heaven is lucky to have you but please know you are truly missed by us still here on earth. Love, Andy

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As The Inquisitr also reported recently, Kate’s husband, Andy Spade, paid tribute to his late wife around the anniversary of her death. In a photo shared to his Instagram page, a small Christmas tree is visible. It is completely decorated with multi-colored lights and a star on top to honor Kate’s favorite holiday and her birthday, which fell on Christmas Eve. Along with the photo, Spade wrote a lengthy caption to honor his late wife.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741. For readers outside the U.S., visit Suicide.org or Befrienders Worldwide for international resources you can use to find help.