Almost 8 In 10 Canadians Would Vote Against Donald Trump In 2020

President Donald Trump would have a tough time in the 2020 election, if Canadians had any say. CTV News reports that almost eight in 10 Canadians would choose one of the five leading Democratic candidates over Trump if they could vote in the United States election.

The data comes from an Abacus Data online survey, which gathered data from 1,500 adult Canadians. Approximately 79 percent of respondents would skip Trump and instead vote for Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders; 78 percent would prefer Elizabeth Warren; and 77 percent would prefer to vote for Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg.

In terms of preferred Democrats, 46 percent are unsure. Of those that did have a preference, 17 percent preferred Sanders, 15 percent Biden, 9 percent Warren, 8 percent Harris, and 5 percent Buttigieg.

Notably, supporters of the Conservative Party tended to like Biden the most, while Harris and Warren were most preferred amongst Liberal Party Voters. Sanders was favored among New Democratic Party and Green Party voters.

According to Bruce Anderson of Abacus Data, Trump is even divisive among Canadian conservatives.

“Most of their supporters are uncomfortable with the U.S. President, but a sizable minority appear to endorse Trump’s approach.”

But statistics suggest that Canada could lean much more to the left than the U.S. Back in 2016, 73 percent of Canadians said they would vote for Hillary Clinton.

As The Inquisitr reported, Texas Senator Ted Cruz said he believes Trump could very well lose the 2020 election. During an interview with PBS’ Firing Line with Margaret Hoover — as cited by Newsweek — Cruz said the election is going to be akin to a “coin flip.”

“I want to see the president reelected, I’m working hard to help the president get reelected and think he certainly can get reelected. But I think we are gonna see staggering Democratic turnout in 2020.”

Even Texas Republicans are concerned. Per The Inquisitr, the state’s GOP officials sent out an email to voters urging them to vote for Trump and suggested that if they don’t, “there is a high chance it will cost him the election.” According to Newsweek, the email said that Democrats want to “open borders to illegal immigrants” and “take every last penny from your paycheck and control how you live to pay for their socialist policies and systems.”

Newsweek reports that the fear of a Democratic win in Texas isn’t unfounded. The state has a growing black and Hispanic population, as well as an increasingly young, urban population. Since these three groups tend to vote Democratic, the state has been gradually shifting to the left.

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