‘Andrew Yang Facts’ Hashtag Channels Chuck Norris Jokes Through The 2020 Democratic Candidate

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has slowly but surely built a strong following, and the internet has played a key role in his increasing success in the 2020 field – a journey the Rolling Stone recently spotlighted. His appearances on The Breakfast Club and The Joe Rogan Experience were undoubtedly keys to his break into the mainstream, and his campaign’s focus on technology — automation in particular — has created a very tech-savvy public persona.

Yang’s close connection to the online world has drawn some criticism, but like most everything on the internet, there is is a bright side to the darkness, and the #AndrewYangFacts trend is a perfect example of this reality.

The facts mirror Chuck Norris facts, the satirical factoids about the American martial artist that have spread throughout popular culture, but often include references to Yang’s technological savvy, his intelligence, and his unique campaign.

“Andrew Yang has already won. ‘We’ are fond memories being relived in his mind as he pens his memoirs,” one supporter joked.

“Yang once took a lie detector test. The machine confessed everything,” another wrote.

“Andrew Yang can delete the Recycle Bin,” yet another supporter joked.

Others more closely mirror Norris jokes in their absurdism.

“Once a cobra bit Andrew Yang’s leg. After five days of excruciating pain, the cobra died.”

“Andrew Yang built the hospital he was born in,” is another that would still be a great Norris joke if Yang was swapped out.

“Death once had a near-Yang experience,” another supporter said.

One supporter even joked about Yang’s response to the question of his favorite curse word during an interview with NowThisNews and compared it to fellow Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg’s.

“Andrew Yang can say what his favorite curse word is without dodging the question like a politician,” he wrote while linking to a Twitter post comparing the two candidates’ responses.

Some of the jokes reference celebrities to — most likely — increase the visibility of the trend.

“When Elon Musk doesn’t know what to do….he calls Andrew Yang.”

During his recent NowThisIsNews interview, Yang took the time to address the most significant difference between entrepreneurs like himself and President Donald Trump. Per The Inquisitr, Yang attacked Trump as a “phony entrepreneur” and said that unlike Trump, real entrepreneurs build teams, create opportunities, and focus on coming to a consensus around a “shared vision.” The 44-year-old serial entrepreneur also claims that Trump is regarded in the business world as a marketing charlatan and a fraud — not a serious entrepreneur that creates and innovates.

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