Spoilers For ‘The Bachelorette Men Tell All’: Chris Harrison Teases That Punches Were Nearly Thrown Over Luke

John FleenorABC

Monday night’s episode of Hannah Brown’s The Bachelorette will kick off with a rose ceremony after the overnight dates in Greece. Given how Hannah bid farewell to Luke Parker during their date during last week’s show, it would seem as if the drama is behind everyone. However, sneak peeks have revealed that is not the case, and now host Chris Harrison is sharing some spoilers about how intense things got.

Previews filled with The Bachelorette spoilers for Monday’s episode tease that Tyler Cameron, Jed Wyatt, and Peter Weber will gather for a rose ceremony in Greece. As they wait for Hannah to arrive, they will be unable to resist quietly celebrating that Luke seems to be gone. However, Luke will take it upon himself to show up anyway, and this is where things get heated.

Harrison talked with ET Online and revealed some new Bachelorette spoilers about this confrontation. Heading into this situation, none of the other three men knew what had happened the prior day between Hannah and Luke. However, they catch up fairly quickly when she shows up and is stunned to see Parker there.

Luke won’t leave, which has been an ongoing trend with him, despite Hannah telling him to go. Soon, Jed, Tyler, and Peter will get involved and this is where Chris says that he actually worried that a physical battle might take place.

“When the other guys walked up, I thought maybe [someone will throw a punch], because I know they had just had enough. And when they realized that he had been kicked off and he just kind of bamboozled them all and slid into that rose ceremony, they were p*ssed.”

Chris says that he “sprung into action,” but that “more importantly, Pauly was actually even closer – Big Pauly, who… is the muscle.”

Longtime franchise fans may remember Big Pauly from other incidents. As Entertainment Weekly notes, he got involved several summers ago when Chad Johnson was plastered and aggressive and needed to be booted from Bachelor in Paradise.

Warning! Some strong language included!

Does Pauly have to physically remove Luke or hold back Tyler, Jed, or Peter? The Bachelorette spoilers suggest that things will stop before they get quite that intense.

Some fans might be hoping for a moment that tops the wild intervention that happened last summer as Leo Dottavio verbally attacked “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile and threw a drink on him. In a moment that Bachelor in Paradise fans couldn’t stop watching, someone from production flew over obstacles in his way and was airborne as he tackled Leo.

In this case, all signs point toward Luke backing down once Chris and Big Pauly get involved. However, The Bachelorette spoilers note that Luke will be front and center throughout the Men Tell All that airs right after that chaos that was filmed in Greece, and he’ll insist he has no regrets for anything he did.

Will all of this chaos finally subside and allow Hannah Brown to get her lasting love with one of her remaining three suitors? The Bachelorette spoilers tease that the drama with Luke Parker will be over after Monday’s episode airs, but that doesn’t mean that Hannah’s entirely in the clear.