‘The View’ Star Meghan McCain Pens Emotional Instagram Post After Revealing Miscarriage In ‘NYT’ Op-Ed

The View panelist Meghan McCain has penned an emotional Instagram post following the publication of an op-ed for The New York Times where she revealed she had miscarried her first child with husband, Ben Domenech. In the post, Meghan said she hoped to destigmatize miscarriage by continuing to share her own story of grief and loss and help families who have endured a similar emotional trauma.

Meghan posted a photo with husband, Ben, alongside a quote from the film Rocky Balboa, where the lead character, portrayed by Sylvester Stallone, relays to his son what he has learned about life and how to get through the toughest of times. She then thanked her family and friends who have supported the couple after their loss, and revealed she will remain steadfast in her commitment to not allow fear to “dictate my life choices.”

In a poignant essay for The New York Times, Meghan revealed the heartbreaking loss she and her husband — a conservative writer, blogger and television commentator — endured.

“I knew I was pregnant before I formally knew I was pregnant. My body told me in all the ways women are familiar with. It told me in the same ways that I was miscarrying. The confirmation from my doctor came the day of that photo shoot [for The New York Times Magazine], at the worst possible time,” said Meghan of finding out she had lost her baby after the newspaper ran a cover story for the weekend edition of its magazine, where The View was called the most important political television show in America.


The conservative commentator revealed in her op-ed that miscarriage is common, quoting figures that estimate one in 10 to one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage. She explained that this dark secret women often have to hide is one that needs to be shared without being stigmatized.


The View panelist also shared in the op-ed that she felt the miscarriage was her own fault, a common emotion among women who have suddenly lost a child. She wrote that she blamed her age, personality, and everything and anything a person could think of following the devastating personal tragedy.


Meghan remarked on Instagram that she is grateful for all the love and support she has received from her fans and family members in the aftermath of her loss. Fans rallied for the daughter of the late Arizona Senator John McCain, who has battled with feelings of sorrow throughout this first year after her father’s death from cancer.

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