A$AP Rocky Won't Get Special Treatment Swedish PM Stefan Lofven Tells Donald Trump:

President Donald Trump's new quest to free jailed rapper A$AP Rocky from Sweden is meeting more hurdles than anticipated.

Sweden's prime minister Stefan Lofven warned that Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, will not be getting any special treatment despite Trump's efforts in the case, according to NBC News.

In a statement released earlier Saturday, Lofven said he would be happy to speak with Trump about Rocky's detention but that his government "cannot and will not attempt to influence prosecutors or courts."

"I will explain that the Swedish judicial system is independent. In Sweden, everyone is equal before the law, and this includes visitors from other countries."

The president tweeted that he spoke with Lofven on Saturday and offered to "personally vouch for his bail."

Trump raised Rocky's detention in a Tweet from the Oval Office on Friday after First Lady Melania Trump brought this issue to the President. Since then, other Rocky supporters have urged on the President including Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West, reported The Inquisitr. Other artists have spoken out in defense of the rapper including Sean "Diddy" Combs, Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Nicki Minaj, and Post Malone.

The two-time Grammy nominee is accused of assault and was arrested on July 3 along with three others in Stockholm.

The rapper was in Sweden to headline Smash x Stadion, a hip-hop festival in the capital.

According to NBC News, Rocky and two associates will be held in Sweden for a third week as the prosecutor investigates the case.

Stockholm's District Court decided Friday that Rocky would remain in custody to allow police to complete their investigation into his alleged involvement in the fight that occurred before his appearance at the music festival. They have until July 25.

Shortly after the fight that broke out on June 30, Rocky shared footage of the event, saying the alleged victims had been following him and his entourage. In the video, it appears to show Rocky throwing one of the men harshly to the ground, according to The Guardian. The men appeared to accuse Rocky and two others of breaking a pair of headphones. The video also shows the rapper and his friends asking the men to stop following them.

A defense lawyer has said Rocky acted in self-defense.

"Our teams will be talking further, and we agreed to speak again in the next 48 hours!" Trump wrote Saturday in a tweet after his call with Lofven.