Lebron James Still Considering Magic Johnson’s $1M Offer

Lebron James is still considering the million dollar offer made to him by Magic Johnson. Johnson has offered up the money to James as a way to try and entice the Miami Heat star to join next year’s NBA Dunk Contest.

While James hasn’t said yes, he also hasn’t said no. ESPN reports that James talked to Lisa Salters before his game against the New York Knicks. James told Salters that he “didn’t have an answer yet” he added fuel to the fire by saying that he would get back to Johnson.

James has never attended the NBA Dunk Contest during his 10 year career and apparently Magic Johnson and a few others are anxious to see him give it a go. The issue came up during ESPN’s Kia NBA Countdown show when Johnson and Jalen Rose talked about the need for NBA stars to compete in the contest.

During this discussion, Magic Johnson offered up the $1 million bounty. Johnson says that he will pay Lebron the money, or he will pay it to whoever wins the contest next year, should Lebron take place and be one of those who are defeated.

USA Today is reporting that the issue is even getting traction with other active players in the NBA. Kevin Durant recently said that he would put up $1,000 if Lebron participated next year. The prize for the contest’s winner is usually $100,000 with the runner-up getting $50,000.

Lebron James is getting so much press these days, he gets attention even when it has nothing to do with basketball. After Notre Dame star linebacker and serial fake girl friend dater Manti Teo ran a rather slow 40 yard dash, James announced that he was the faster of the two.

Teo ran a 4.82 40-yard dash at the NFL combine. Lebron James claims that during his training for the NBA season he ran a 4.6 40 time.