Jeffrey Epstein Denied Bail By Judge, Will Remain In Jail Until Trial

Jeffrey Epstein has been denied bail by the judge overseeing his case in New York, so he will remain in jail for now. The judge cited the belief that Epstein is a potential flight risk, as well as the potential that he remains a danger to the community.

As The Guardian details, Epstein’s legal team suggested that he be held under house arrest, and they offered a number of other conditions they felt would be sufficient to justify his release. Thursday morning, the judge made a ruling on the matter and denied the request from Epstein’s team.

The Washington Post notes that prosecutors and Epstein’s defense team had battled over the possibility of bail for the past week. The millionaire has been in jail since July 6 after being taken into custody upon returning to the United States on his private plane.

U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman announced the decision Thursday morning. This means that Epstein will remain in a federal detention center in Manhattan, New York while he awaits trial.

According to ABC News, Berman felt that the circumstances of this case were such that there was no set of conditions that would be sufficient in guaranteeing that Epstein wouldn’t flee.

The accusations “are unusual in the criminal law insofar as they carry with them a presumption that ‘No condition or combination of conditions will reasonably assure the appearance of the person as required, and the safety of the community.'”

Prosecutors had argued that Epstein’s resources made him an “extreme flight risk.” The defense noted other high-profile defendants such as Bernie Madoff who were granted bail in their situations, though the charges they faced were significantly different from those involving Epstein.

The defense also argued that Epstein was a “disciplined” defendant and that he was willing to put up $100 million or more in order to be released.

In response to the argument that Epstein was “disciplined,” prosecutors argued that it would be unrealistic to believe that the court could “rely on the self-discipline of a man with an appetite for children.”

The denial of bail comes just a day after an old video emerged showing now-President Donald Trump at a party with Epstein years ago. Some time back, Trump had praised Epstein for being a great guy.

As The Inquisitr has noted, Trump recently backtracked on those comments and now says he hasn’t spoken with Epstein in about 15 years. The video of the two together at the party is older than that, but many believe it shows that Epstein and Trump were quite familiar with one another at one point.

As Epstein remains behind bars after being denied bail, many people wonder if his alleged co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell will be taken into custody at some point as well. The Inquistr noted that Maxwell and Epstein were involved for several years during the height of his alleged crimes. However, at this point, she seems to be off the radar.

Reports have indicated that additional women have reached out to attorneys or the authorities since Epstein’s arrest earlier this month, and two of his accusers spoke publicly in court earlier this week. Many consider it a relief that Jeffrey Epstein has been denied bail, and now he will remain behind bars as his case proceeds.

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