Kate Gosselin Reveals Her ‘Kate Plus Date’ Suitor Jeff Was Dating Another Woman During Filming

Amanda EdwardsGetty Images

Kate Gosselin’s journey to find love has hit a roadblock. The Kate Plus Date star, who ended her season of the TLC reality show by teasing that she was “keeping in touch” with her one of her suitors, has revealed that she found out her final guy was dating someone else during the filming of the show.

Kate made the shocking reveal in the comments to an Instagram post in which she shared the recipes she cooked with her date, Jeff, during a visit to his home on the season finale of Kate Plus Date, Dearly.com notes. Kate described the dinner as “romantic” then shared an update on her romance with the North Carolina travel company owner.

“Unfortunately, after keeping in touch with him for a few months, I found out that Jeff had been dating someone since before our second date(?!?!) … I am in this to find my someone, but perhaps he didn’t take it as seriously? I was definitely interested but…… onwards and upwards….#MoreFishInTheSea #KatePlusDate.”

Kate Plus Date viewers were enamored by Jeff, an articulate, well-traveled, wine enthusiast who was the only one of Kate’s 10 suitors to kiss her during filming of the TLC dating show. In fact, many viewers told Kate that if she didn’t want Jeff, she could send him their way, as can be seen from the Twitter reaction below.

But after the reality star dropped her bombshell update, fans responded to Kate’s post to express disappointment that things didn’t work out with Jeff. Others noted that this probably won’t help the mom of eight with her “trust issues.”

On Kate Plus Date, Kate admitted she is “very guarded” and that she doesn’t tend to trust people after her headline-making 2009 divorce.

“Everything that she’s been through has really created a lot of trust issues,” her daughter Mady said, according to People.

Over the course of Kate Plus Date, Kate went on dates with 10 different men, her first foray into the dating pool since her divorce from Jon Gosselin, the father of her eight kids. With the help of her 18-year-old daughters, Mady and Cara, Kate narrowed her choices down to two men, Jeff and Joey, for second dates. After Jeff leaned in to kiss her after their North Carolina dinner-making date, fans hoped Kate had found a keeper, especially when she told him he got her “stamp of approval.”

There is no word if Kate Plus Date will be back for a second season.