Jennifer Lawrence Sports Bra Fetches $3,000 At Auction

Jennifer Lawrence’s sports bra from the movie Silver Lining Playbook has managed to fetch a mind blowing $3,175 dollars. The sports bra, which was accompanied by long-sleeve top, was sold at auction on Thursday night.

The sports bra and top were bid on by fourteen hopefuls who wanted to get their hands on the Gap apparel. The sports bra was worn during a dance practice scene with Bradley Cooper’s character in the Oscar nominated film.

That wasn’t the only lot that sold from the Jennifer Lawrence collection. A black tank top worn by the 22-year-old actress sold for $624. A pair of Jennifer Lawrence’s vanilla-colored pants from her final scene in the movie also sold for $3,493.

The highest priced item and an even better seller than the Jennifer Lawrence sports bra was the brown wool coat she wore in the movie. That piece from Moda International took in $4,652.

While a bigger name in the acting world, Bradley Cooper failed to bring in the type of money his co-stars used clothing commanded. Bradley’s gray hoodie sold for $642 and a few other items he wore in Silver Lining Playbook sold for a few hundred dollars each.

While it may seem strange that so many people would jump at the chance to buy used items from a Hollywood film that failed to win best picture, historically artifacts from any Oscar nominated films tend to increase in value over time.

You can see Jennifer Lawrence in the sports bra via the movies trailer (2:15 timestamp):

In case you were wondering, and we know you are, Jennifer Lawrence’s sports bra measures in at 36C. The included outwear that was sold with the bar is a Threads 4 Thought long-sleeved tee.

Do you think spending thousands of dollars on Jennifer Lawrence’s sports bra and long-sleeve shirt is ridiculous or a clever investment for the future?

Jennifer Lawrence Sports Bra and Shirt