David Gregory Grills John Boehner Over Foul Language [Video]

David Gregory grilled House Speaker John Boehner over his recent use of foul language in a directive to his opponents in the Senate.

Boehner raised a few eyebrows last Tuesday when he criticized the Senate’s lack of action on the sequester cuts (which went into effect this weekend). Boehner’s House passed legislation twice in an attempt to either stall or solve the sequester, while the president and the Senate didn’t do much of anything.

Frustrated, and likely understanding that the American people largely blame Republicans for our financial woes, Boehner scolded the Senate, telling them to “get off their ass and do something.”

Gregory, host of NBC’s Meet The Press, was apparently very troubled by the House Speaker’s use of foul language, asking Boehner if such talk was unbecoming of a person of his office in a recent interview.

Boehner balked at the question.

“Listen, I speak English,” Boehner replied. “The fact is, the House has done its work. We have this sequester because the president demanded it and because Senate Democrats have refused to act.”

The interview later turned to subject matter of substance, with Gregory asking Boehner if the sequester would hurt the economy or slow economic recovery.

“I don’t know whether it’s going to hurt the economy or not,” Boehner replied. “I don’t think anyone quite understands how the sequester is really going to work.”

When asked if the president and his cabinet were exaggerating the effects of the sequester, Boehner replied that he believed they were. He did add that he himself worries about sequestration’s impact on the “economy and its impact on our military.”

Sequestration has been a muddy and controversial topic lately, with both sides stumping more often to sling blame than to solve economic problems. President Obama and co., confident with their election victories, have attempted to discredit their rivals in the GOP (who wouldn’t, if given the opportunity?) but have left some wondering whether they over-played their hand over the sequester, according to a New York Times op-ed.

In any case, with our nation’s future uncertain, it’s a good thing we at least have people in the press like David Gregory asking the tough questions.

Watch the exchange between David Gregory and John Boehner over the speaker’s language below, via Mediaite:

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