Karachi Bomb Blast Kills, Wounds Dozens

Karachi bomb blasts have killed at least 45 people with many more wounded and possibly trapped. Violence has ratcheted up in Pakistan in the last few months with the Shiite community being the target on several occasions.

Of February 16th a bomb exploded around a Shia market. That bomb killed 65 people and wounded another 200. Just a few days later, gunmen attacked a Pakistani official. That attack took the lives of five people while seven others were injured.

This time, the NBC News is reporting that two car bombs that were located in a residential area of the city has damaged buildings, killed dozens and wounded dozens more.

The full body and injury count could take quite a while to get as officials believe there are people still trapped in the rubble. While reports are still a bit sketchy, it appears that one of the vehicles was a motorcycle.

The BBC is reporting that the bombs appear to have been detonated near a Shia mosque and that the explosives were powerful enough to start several of the neighboring buildings on fire. At this point in time, no group has taken credit for the Karachi bomb blasts that killed men, women and children.

Because the attack happened at night, rescue efforts have become even more difficult. There are reports that people are actually using their car headlights to try and find people who might be trapped in the rubble.

The Shia community has already voice anger at the Pakistan government over claims that they are not being protected enough. After several of the attacks that had allegedly been carried out by Sunni operatives, the families of those killed refused to bury the victims.

This silent protect was see as a way to show the government just how frustrated they were by all the death and destruction. The Karachi bomb blasts apparently just brought more of the same.

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