August 24, 2017
WWE News: Rey Mysterio Is Charging A Mint For Appearances After Split From WWE

Rey Mysterio has finally been able to split from WWE, and now he's out on his own and free to go wherever he wants to go. Well, he may not be able to go wherever he would want because that company would need to want him too. There are many that do want him on their roster, but there's a good chance that they can't even come close to affording him.

According to Wrestling Inc., Rey Mysterio is charging a whopping $20,000 per appearance on the independent circuit. Yes, that is $20K per appearance, and some promoters are balking at it because they just can't afford it.

Now, Mysterio has already been announced as appearing for the 4 Front Wrestling (4FW) promotion in the United Kingdom, per Wrestling News Source.

rey mysterio

It has not been revealed just how much Mysterio will receive from 4FW, but it is expected to be at least $20,000. The event will happen on Sunday, July 19, and it isn't even known if he will be wrestling or just appearing for the promotion.

Just a couple of days ago, Rey Mysterio was finally granted his release from WWE and his profile was moved to the "Alumini" section of their website. Everyone knew this was coming as Mysterio hasn't even been seen on WWE television since the day after WrestleMania 30 last year.

His last appearance with the company ended up being a loss to Bad News Barrett on Monday Night Raw.

Now, there is a lot of talk as to where Mysterio could possible end up. Some believe he'll go to Lucha Underground and join Alberto El Patron, formerly Alberto Del Rio. Others think he will end up in AAA.

Impact Wrestling really does not have the money to throw at him, but they seem to be happy let big names walk like they did with Samoa Joe. Free up enough money, and Mysterio could become an immediate main event force.

If he's going to stay unaffiliated with a major company, there is only so much work he will get in the Indies. There are not a lot of promotions that could afford to shell out $20,000 per appearance for Mysterio. There are even less that can afford him for multiple appearances.

Alberto El Patron is with Lucha Underground and it's possible he knows that Rey Mysterio would come there eventually. With a $20,000 price tag, they may be the only promotion willing to pay him.

[Images via WWE]