Dennis Rodman: US Has Death Camps Too! Won’t Apologize For North Korea Comments

Dennis Rodman Discusses North Korea Love

Dennis Rodman continued his support of North Korea and dictator Kim Jong-Un during his appearance on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulous. During his interview, Rodman literally claimed that, just like North Korea, the United States runs its own death camps. Rodman also called Kim Jong-Un a “great guy.”

Speaking to Rodman, the talk show host asked him what he thought about North Korea’s atrocious human rights record. Rodman quickly chimed in:

“I don’t condone that. I hate the fact that he’s doing that. I didn’t talk about that. I saw people respected him, his family. He’s only 28. He’s not his dad. He’s not his grandpa. He is 28 years old. He’s very humble. He’s a very humble man. He don’t want war, that’s one thing he don’t want. He loves power. He loves control, because of his father, you know, stuff like that. But he’s just…he’s a great guy. He’s just a great guy. You sit down and talk to him.”

Stephanopoulos then asked Dennis Rodman what he thought about North Korean death camps to which Rodman proclaimed, “We do the same things here.”

Taken off guard by the statement, Stephanopoulos replied, “We have prison camps here in the United States?”

To which Rodman responded, “This is all politics right? He don’t want to do that.”

Quickly responding to Rodman’s comment, Stephanopoulos added:

“It sounds like you’re apologizing for him?”

Finally, Rodman re-iterated his first point:

“No, I’m not apologizing for him. He was a great guy to me. He was my friend. I don’t condone what he does. But as a person to person, he’s my friend. What I did was history. He’s a friend to me. That’s about it.”

As the interview concluded, George Stephanopoulous handed Dennis Rodman a human rights report for North Korea to which Rodman said, “Don’t hate me.”

Here is the video from the ABC News interview: