Jena Sims Goes Horseback Riding On The Beach, Gives Shoutout To Lil Nas X In Instagram Snapshots

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Actress, philanthropist and former beauty queen Jena Sims, who is best known for winning Miss Georgia Teen USA in 2007, recently shared a snap that had her 180,000 Instagram followers laughing. Sims, who is in a relationship with professional golfer Brooks Koepka, traded in the golf course for the beach in her latest Instagram snap.

In the sizzling double update, Sims rocked a pair of tight, high-waisted leather or pleather leggings, as well as a worn graphic tee that she knotted at the waist to show off a sliver of her toned abs. She allowed her brunette locks to blow in the wind, and rocked bare feet and a pair of sunglasses to complete the look in the first snap.

Most important, Sims posed on top of a stunning brown horse on Castlerock Beach. Sims added a hilarious caption, referencing the smash hit song “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X.

The second shot, taken from a different angle, showed Sims still posed atop the horse, this time wearing a pair of white running shoes and showing off a watch as well. She held the horse’s reins and posed in a sultry manner that her followers loved. The snaps received over 5,900 likes in just one day.

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Listens to Lil Nas X once....

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One follower flirted with Sims in the comments and added a remark that provided a twist to the song she mentioned in her caption.

The fan said, “If I were that horse you could ride till you can’t no more.”

Another follower said, “Save a horse ride a cowboy,” another flirtatious reference to a country song.

A little over a month ago, Sims chatted with Golf and gave the outlet a peek at what her experience on the golf course was like, supporting her man as he played. She seems to get approached almost as much as Koepka himself, and the interview opened with a young boy who wanted to snap a picture with the stunning Sims.

She mentioned to the outlet that she’s often there supporting Koepka, either by walking the green while he goes through the holes, or by watching him on screen somewhere nearby. And, she made a funny comment about her role in the success of his career.

“He’s very aware of his success and the timing of our relationship. I can’t take the credit for that. All I can do is make him happy. I’m quirky and weird, I like to make him laugh. I encourage him to be himself… I’m here for him. At this point, he’s so far ahead, I’m just enjoying watching him play.”

While Sims’ Instagram page contains many stunning selfies, she has also shared quite a few adorable couples’ photos with Koepka by her side.