Soft Drink Ban: Companies To Debut New 16 Ounce Bottles

New York City’s soft drink ban has forced soda manufacturers to change how they do business.

Mayor Bloomberg’s banning of soft drinks over 16 ounces has required a number of companies to go back to the drawing board. In order to comply with the new law, manufacturers will begin rolling out 16-ounce versions of their popular beverages.

According to the New York Post, Coke and Sprike will soon be available at restaurants in 16-ounce bottles. Companies will reportedly spend millions to alter bottling plants to accommodate the change.

An insider explained:

“We have to make capital investments to make a different size in order that retailers have a product within the guidelines. It’s kind of a silly point to say 16 ounces. There are products that are below that [size] that have a lot more calories.”

The Huffington Post explains that pizza restaurants are concerned about what the soft drink ban will do to their businesses. Since restaurants will no longer be permitted to sell two-liter bottles, owners are worried their profits could suffer as a result.

Caruso’s manager Steve Di Maggio is one of the business owners concerned that Mayor Bloomberg’s ban will have a negative effect on his business.

He explained to Pix11:

“Maybe we’re going to lose some customers. They’re not going to call you no more.”

Although manufacturers are currently working on 16-ounce bottles, Di Maggio said the difference between the price of a two-liter and a six-pack of soda could prompt folks to stop placing orders.

The soft drink ban will go into effect on March 12. Anyone who is caught selling oversized sodas could face a fine of $200.

Maybor Bloomberg recently stated that the ban shouldn’t begin and end with New York City. The Inquisitr previously reported that other states could jump on the bandwagon before long. Washington, D.C., is currently considering similar actions.

What do you think about the soft drink ban?

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