Spoilers For ‘The Bachelorette’ Overnights: The Windmill Guy’s Revealed & Hannah’s Men Step Up With Luke Drama

All signs point toward Monday night bringing one of the most buzzworthy episodes ever of The Bachelorette. Spoilers have teased that Hannah Brown and her four remaining men will face the fantasy suite overnight dates, and now, some new tidbits are emerging that amp up the craziness quotient a bit more.

Spoilers about all of the drama coming up in Episode 9 have already indicated that things get intense between Hannah and Luke Parker. Not only that, but the saucy windmill-related incident will happen at some point along the way. The upcoming Men Tell All special was taped last Friday night, and those who attended and saw parts of Episode 9 are revealing additional Bachelorette spoilers about what happened in Greece.

The @bachelor.spoilers Instagram account is sharing some Bachelorette spoilers from an MTA attendee. Those who were at the filming were shown an abbreviated version of Monday’s episode, enough to reveal key developments, but apparently not enough to break down all of the details about each of the dates in Greece.

As The Inquisitr revealed, gossip blogger Reality Steve says that he learned that the guy who gets intimate with Hannah twice in a windmill during this upcoming episode is Peter. Interestingly, people who were at the MTA taping seem in consensus in saying that this was not explicitly revealed in what they were shown. That has led some to speculate that it may have been Jed Wyatt or Tyler Cameron instead, but Reality Steve insists it was Peter.

The Bachelorette spoilers emerging from the taping also reveal that despite a sneak peek hinting that Hannah chooses not to go to the fantasy suite with Tyler, the two do spend the night together. The Inquisitr noted that a preview had shown Hannah saying during dinner with Tyler that she was hesitant to take him to the overnight.

Apparently, the full context of this is that she will talk during their dinner together about how they already know they have chemistry together. Hannah will go on to tell Tyler that she feels their night together would be best spent talking and building their connection outside of the physical.

Viewers are already bracing themselves for a lot of drama involving Luke. During the MTA taping, it seems that attendees got to watch much of what is coming up in Monday’s show on this front. The Bachelorette spoilers suggest that Luke will tell Hannah that he would forgive her if she “slipped up” and got intimate with one of her other three guys. However, he reportedly goes on to say that if she was with multiple guys in that way, he’d remove himself from the show.

Previews have shown that this is where Hannah explodes and she will tell Luke they’re done. However, spoilers for The Bachelorette share that he will actually refuse to leave. Apparently, she will tell him multiple times that he needs to go, and he is resistant for quite some time. Eventually, the two will walk to the van for him to leave, and he’ll refuse to get into the van.

Hannah is said to have to get quite assertive to get Luke to finally leave. However, The Bachelorette spoilers detail that this still isn’t the end. It’s already been revealed by Reality Steve that Luke would return again, and now, jaw-dropping details about how this plays out have come out of the Men Tell All taping.

When the remaining three guys arrive for the next rose ceremony, The Bachelorette spoilers tease that Luke shows up and essentially just lines up alongside Jed, Tyler, and Peter. It seems none of those guys will know that Hannah sent Luke packing, and she’ll be quite angry when she walks out and sees him there. She’ll once again tell him to leave, and Luke will again refuse.

It seems that Hannah will go so far as to move the stand holding the roses to another spot, trying to edge Luke out of the setting. She’ll even try to block him with her body, and he’ll still resist. This is where the other three guys will apparently step in to make sure Luke finally walks away.

Will it turn out to be Peter who got lucky with Hannah in the windmill or will Reality Steve be wrong on this? Based on an Instagram post from former Bachelor Nick Viall a few days ago, and comments from Hannah on that post, many feel certain that it must be Tyler rather than Peter who was in the windmill. Then there are others who feel that it had to have been Jed. Luckily, The Bachelorette spoilers indicate that viewers will find out the answer during Episode 9.

As for Luke Parker, viewers will finally see all of the drama that happens on Hannah Brown’s date with him in Greece. The Bachelorette spoilers tease that this will get pretty ugly, and it sounds like viewers will have some strong opinions by the time this finally airs in full.

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