‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown Shocks Tyler Cameron Ahead Of Fantasy Suites, Spoilers Reveal

The chemistry between Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron has been sizzling-hot all season on The Bachelorette. Spoilers tease that this intense physical connection that Hannah and Tyler have developed will actually come up as a potential issue during their upcoming date in Greece in Episode 9. Will Hannah decide not to do an overnight with Tyler over this?

A new sneak peek from People suggests that could become the case. The clip shows Hannah and Tyler having dinner, which would typically come mid-way through a date at this stage of filming. The Bachelorette spoilers have teased that Brown and Cameron will have a very steamy daytime portion of their date, and it seems he will be ready to admit that he has completely fallen for her and is ready to propose.

However, The Bachelorette spoilers hint that Hannah may feel she had let her physical attraction to Tyler become too dominant in developing their relationship. Hannah will tell Tyler that she is captivated by being around him, and that their relationship has been fun and easy.

Hannah will note that, while all of that is great, however, she wants to make sure there is more between them, as she has found that sometimes she has to remind herself to reset and step back with him sometimes. Tyler will look attentive and serious as he listens to what Hannah is saying, and soon, this will turn to talk of that fantasy suite invitation.

The Bachelorette spoilers reveal that Hannah will say she does not want to go into the fantasy suite, and that is where the clip ends. Does Brown really stop the date at this point, deciding not to spend that extra time overnight with Cameron? Fans are already buzzing across social media over this, but they may not want to let themselves worry too much yet.

Unfortunately for fans, it looks as though they will have to wait until Monday night to see what happens next in this conversation. It is possible that Hannah and Tyler will wrap up their date in Greece at this point, but it does not seem likely that will be the case.

What seems more probable is that Hannah will talk to Tyler about how she wants to use the fantasy suite to do more than get intimate. She may tell him that she wants the two of them to take advantage of that alone time, without cameras, to really get to know one another better on other levels, and it seems certain that he would be happy to agree to this.

The overnights episode is expected to have a fair amount of drama incorporated, as The Bachelorette spoilers have teased that Hannah and Luke Parker will finally hit the point of no return in their complicated dynamic. As for Tyler Cameron, whether he gets to hit the fantasy suite with Hannah Brown or not is unclear, but he will not be heading home quite yet.

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