China Earthquake Leaves Dozens Hurt, 700 Homes Destroyed

An earthquake in China that struck Sunday destroyed hundreds of homes and left scores of people injured.

The earthquake struck in southwest China and registered a 5.5, The Associated Press reported. It is believed that at least 30 people were injured, including three in serious condition, the earthquake bureau in the Yunnan province said.

The China earthquake hit on Sunday afternoon, with a center about 32 miles from the city of Dali. It took place at a depth of about 20 miles.

Close to 2,500 houses were damaged in the earthquake, Chinese news agency Xinhua reported, with 700 of those collapsing.

There was no update on rescue efforts.

The earthquake struck in the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, which is close to China’s border with Myanmar. The region is known as a region particularly prone to earthquakes. It September, more earthquakesstruck the same region, triggering landslides that killed at least 80 people, Israel National News noted.The area where the earthquake struck in China is considered remote.

Another 5.5 earthquake struck China in November, hitting the Ruoqiang County in the Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of Bayingolin, also considered one of the most active seismic regions of China. There were no injuries or deaths reported.

The series of earthquakes that struck China in September killed dozens of people in the same southwest region of the country.

The deadliest earthquake in China in recent years struck in the province of Sichuan in 2008. That earthquake measured a 7.9 and left more than 90,000 people missing or dead. The earthquake also killed thousands of children who were in schools at the time of the collapses.

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