'BB20' Houseguest Kaitlyn Herman Responds To Jack Matthews Comment About Her Appearance

Note: This article is spoiler free!

Big Brother Season 21 houseguest Jack Matthews has managed to annoy yet another former player of the game. Earlier this season, Jack shaded Angie "Rockstar" Lantry by saying he'd lose his mind if there was a player like her in his season. Now, Jack has made a comment regarding Rockstar's roommate from last season, Kaitlyn Herman, that is bugging people yet again.

It was revealed on the live feeds that Kaitlyn entered the Big Brother 21 house to host the Week 3 Power of Veto competition. After the competition concluded, the roommates reentered the house, when Jackson Michie made a comment about Kaitlyn to Jack. Live feeds Twitter account Big Brother Daily documented the conversation between the two men.

Jackson said that he thought Kaitlyn was hot, but Jack tried to convince his friend she maybe wasn't as attractive as he thought he was.

"She is another female face that we haven't seen, and she was in two hours of makeup. Don't give her too much credit," Jack responded.

Jackson seemed a little taken aback by the comments his friend had made and responded with just the word "damn."

"She looked great and seemed like a really nice chick, but remember…" Jackson continued.

Those following Big Brother Daily on Twitter began to tag Kaitlyn in the comment section of the post, ensuring she'd read the conversation between Jack and Jackson. It wasn't long before she responded.

"It's ok. I don't think you're hot either," Kaitlyn wrote with a smiley face.

While she didn't mention anyone in her tweet, it was evident that Kaitlyn was referring to Jack with the shady post.

Fans were loving her response, especially since Jack isn't well-received by many of the live feeds' viewers this season. Jack appears to be one of the most disliked houseguests in recent years, and could very well receive some boos when he exits the house if he is voted out before the finale.

Kaitlyn's tweet got over 1,400 likes in just a few hours, making it one of her most popular posts to date. The post was also retweeted over a hundred times and had dozens of comments of support.

It's to be expected that Jack's conversation with Jackson will not be shown on the CBS broadcasts of the show since the Jason Momoa look-alike has been getting a friendly edit all season.

Big Brother airs every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.