Jeffrey Epstein’s Creepy Townhouse Reportedly Uses Body Parts As Decorations And Has A ‘Life-Size Female Doll’

Registered sex offender and alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s case continues to take unpredictable turns, including Epstein wiring $350,000 to two confidants to allegedly attempt to buy his victims’ silence, per The Inquisitr. The case also continues to reveal more details about Epstein’s life — most of which aren’t doing any favors for the billionaire’s already tainted image.

According to The Cut, Epstein’s Upper East Side home in New York City — located on 71st between Madison and Fifth — is “the stuff of nightmares.” It reportedly has everything from a creepy self-portrait and body parts used as decorations, to a “life-size female doll hanging from a chandelier.” Not only that, there’s a chess board at the bottom of his staircase that reportedly contains figurines modeled after his staffers and they are “dressed suggestively.”

The house is massive, with 40 rooms across seven floors and possesses a front door that is 15 feet high. But the door isn’t the only part of the home with dramatic proportions; Epstein reportedly has an extremely long desk surrounded by computer monitors that he is known to work at. The table is said to fit about 20 people.

Epstein also has a study room covered in pictures of people like Woody Allen, Bill Clinton, and Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman. He also has a mural that depicts “a photorealistic prison scene that included barbed wire, corrections officers and a guard station, with Mr. Epstein portrayed in the middle.”

Per The Inquisitr, when Epstein was released in 2010 from his 13-month prison stint for soliciting underage girls for sex, he reportedly received a “welcome home” party at his townhouse from celebrities like Allen and Katie Couric, as well as famous world leaders.

According to a report by The New York Times, Epstein’s arrest didn’t seem to affect the financier’s reputation, and he continued to mingle with famous and influential figures.

“Powerful female friends served as social guarantors: Peggy Siegal, a gatekeeper for A-list events, included him in movie screenings, and Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin, a champion of women’s health, maintained a friendship that some felt gave him credibility,” the report reads. “Mr. Epstein put up a website showing Stephen Hawking and other luminaries at a science gathering he had organized.”

Along with Couric and Allen, Bill Clinton was known to travel aboard Epstein’s private jet, which has been dubbed the “Lolita Express,” and President Donald Trump has also associated with Epstein, even calling him a “terrific guy” that preferred his women “on the younger side.”