Paul McCartney Plays Dodger Stadium, Ends His Tour In Los Angeles With Ringo Starr

Last night, Paul McCartney played Dodger Stadium for the first time in five years. Then, at the end of his concert which happened at the end of his current "Freshen Up Tour," the famed musician from Liverpool welcomed someone to the outfield to sing with him in a way that hasn't happened in more than 50 years.

That someone was Ringo Starr, the Beatles drummer with the mop top and the flashy rings.

McCartney, 77, the subject of a 60 Minutes segment a couple of weeks ago as reported by The Inquisitr, seems to remember and reminisce about his astonishing times with The Beatles whenever the occasion demands.

On Saturday, he did that again as he invited the only remaining living member of the Fab Four onto the stage at Dodger Stadium. Ringo, 79, was in rare form, joining Paul on "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)."

After that, the pair performed "Helter Skelter."

Before he sat alongside Paul's regular tour drummer, Abraham Laboriel, for the two numbers sung during McCartney's encore and after he left his seat with his wife in the VIP section near the soundboard, the show suddenly became even more epic than it had been only seconds before, explained Variety in detail.

When McCartney finished "Birthday," his initial encore, he told the crowd that he had "a surprise for us, a surprise for you, a surprise for everyone. Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only Ringo Starr."

He turned to his former Beatles bandmate and asked, "Are you ready to rock?'"

"Ready to rock," Ringo answered, sounding as enthusiastic as usual.

"Peace and love, everybody," he added, his usual greeting during a performance in front of any crowd.

And rock they did, almost like the old days when they were The Beatles with John Lennon and George Harrison.
"In a playful moment, Starr chucked his sticks into the audience and then grabbed at his bass as if he were going to chuck that into the crowd, too. As fans know, one of McCartney's signature pantomimes during his shows is that he's going to toss his beloved Hofner bass in the crowd. McCartney seemed to be caught off guard by Ringo grabbing at it and threatening to do the same, but he clearly relished the gag."
The former bandmates hugged after their most recent session at Dodger Stadium, as seen in the video above.Then, after McCartney thanked his mate for being there, Starr said, "No, thank you, Paul. It's been a thrill for me.

I've had a lovely night, and it's a great show, and I love you, man," added the renowned drummer.

"And I love you, man," Paul McCartney earnestly replied.

"Peace and love, Ringo. Forever."