Pottery Barn To Release A New Collection Inspired By The Show ‘Friends’

Hulton ArchiveGetty Images

Fans of the hit show Friends are celebrating the fact that the furniture store Pottery Barn is planning to release a whole new collection dedicated to the show. Those that love the NBC series likely recall the Season 6 episode “The One With The Apothecary Table” that was centered around the chain of stores. Friends will be celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, and Pottery Barn will be paying tribute to the beloved sitcom by releasing new furniture pieces that look like they could have been taken directly from the Central Perk coffee house or Monica’s famous New York City apartment. Among the items will be the apothecary table that served as a focal point in the aforementioned episode, according to Vanity Fair.

In that particular episode, Rachel Green is living with Phoebe Buffay in her apartment. Rachel decides to spruce up the apartment by buying a new furniture piece from Pottery Barn. The item she brings home is an apothecary table, but hardly a vintage one. It’s not until after she’s already fallen in love with the piece that she finds out that Phoebe hates Pottery Barn because their merchandise is mass produced and everyone ends up with the same products in their homes. Thus, she tries to convince Phoebe that the table is an antique that she bought at a flea market.

The truth comes out when Ross Geller ends up purchasing the very same table from Pottery Barn, thus proving Phoebe’s point that the company’s products lack individuality. In the end, Phoebe is able to get over her dislike for Pottery Barn because of how convenient it is.

Pottery Barn’s entire Friends-inspired collection has not yet been revealed, but a promo photo for the collection gives a small sneak peek. The apothecary table is dark oak wood with gold accents, just as it appeared in the show. It is positioned in a living room with coffee mugs on top. In the background sits a pillow adorned with the words “Welcome Friends.”

Diehard Friends fans are already expressing their excitement on social media about the new line of furniture. Many are asking if the new line will also include Joey and Chandler’s beloved recliners, which were staples of their bachelor pad apartment.

“So the apothecary table from Friends will be sold at Pottery Barn again after YEARS and I’ve always wanted one and guess who’s going to probably splurge on it when it’s released?” one Twitter user wrote.

The new collection will be released at the end of July.