Britney Spears Looks Hotter, Thanks to Her Fans. Can She Credit Them Better?

Britney’s website is back up and running! We’ve been promised “videos, stories, music, photos and lots of other cool stuff,” but I’m satisfied with this rockin’ bunch of freaky fan art from I love fans! They make Britney look much hotter than she does real life, and she could probably use a couple of the more obsessive ones on her PR team, to be honest.

Of course the Brit Machine wouldn’t dream of it, especially since there aren’t individual credits for the fans who slaved away to make Britney look better. Fans should start watermarking their stuff to avoid a full-on official “Circus” cover rip-off! After all, the album isn’t out until December 2nd of this year, and “the […] cover has not been released.” Uh-oh.

So not cool.

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