Halle Berry Showcases Her ‘Perfect’ Body in Photo

Halle Berry likes to inspire her followers to keep fit. Being fit is something the actress is passionate about, and every Friday she shares fitness tips with her 5.4 million followers.

In Friday’s update, Berry, 52, talked about the hips and how learning to stretch them was important in reducing stress in the area. The photo Berry shared showed her backside in a dimly lit setting. In front of her was probably her trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, who often participates in her fitness photos and videos. While his face could not be seen, his muscular back was in full view as he reached back for Berry’s waist. The shot, taken from behind, showed off Berry’s trim midsection and toned hips.

Berry’s fans were mesmerized by the photo, and many couldn’t help but comment on how elegant it looked.

“Dis picture is so damn poetic and beautiful i see a dance and hear music.”

“You do have perfect hips, gotta hand it to you. Wait a minute. Every thing on you is perfect. Especially your attitude,” one fan wrote.

“This photo is absolutely beautiful!” another said.

“Shape of Beauty,” one follower pointed out.

“It’s like a dance. Love the picture!” another fan wrote.

A quick scroll through the Die Another Day star’s Instagram page sheds light on what she does to stay in shape. She is a fan of boxing, and in one Instagram update said that boxing is considered one of the best full-body workouts, adding that it sculpts muscle and burns calories. She said she had been boxing for 10 years and still learns new ways to challenge herself.

However, Berry also likes to mix things up, and believes that keeping the body shocked and surprised is one way to keep it healthy. In another Instagram post, she also said doing the same kind of routine every day can result in plateaus, but doing something different shakes thing up and avoids ruts.

But even with her serious training, the Oscar-winner still was not quite ready for what training for John Wick 3: Parabellum would bring. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she said she broke three ribs training for the role. The actress said she trained for about six months, five days a week, learning gun training, jiu-jitsu, aikido, and different kinds of martial arts.

The actress said that her costar in the movie, Keanu Reeves, told her she was going to work harder than she’d ever worked in her life but that it would be worth it, adding that he was right.

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