Nurse Poses With Corpse For Facebook Photo, Police Investigate

A nurse who posed with a corpse for a Facebook photo is now under scrutiny from police for her actions.

The incident happened in Switzerland, where a nurse sat next to the corpse of an old woman and snapped a picture of herself. Prosecutors in Saint Gallen, where the incident took place, say they’ve started an investigation into the nurse. They are reportedly considering criminal charges against the nurse, who was not named.

The pictures of the nurse posing with the corpse were released by the 20 Minuten newspaper after a reader spotted them on Facebook, AFP reported. In one of the shots, the nurse was laughing and next to the woman, who was laying deceased in a bed in a care home.

The nurse also included some off-color comments, Agence France Presse noted.

The nurse‘s professional organization has spoken out against her actions as well. The Swiss national federation of nurses said that it was shocked by the nurse’s actions and that she has no place working with patients.

“To be able to prevent the repeat of such a case, there is a desperate need for an active professional register and attractive working conditions to counteract the acute shortage of staff,” it said, adding, “Whether this was a qualified nurse, a professional carer or a simple assistant, it is clear that people like this should not be in the health sector.”

The nurse‘s Facebook page reportedly had other strange images outside of the pictures of the dead woman. The page also featured Satanist imagery and shots of her posing with an ambulance, on a motorbike, and in various sado-masochist poses.

What do you think should happen to the nurse who posed with a corpse and put the picture on Facebook

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