‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Corgi Who Played Cheddar Dies At 13

John P. FleenorNBC

It was a sad day on the set of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Stewart, the 13-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, who played Cheddar on the show, has crossed the rainbow bridge.

The owner and trainer of the celebrity corgi, who’s real name is Stewart, took to Instagram on Thursday to announce the passing. He gave fans of the show details of the dog’s last day, which included a trip to the beach, playing in the ocean, and getting to eat some burgers from In-And-Out.

According to the touching Instagram tribute, he was put to sleep peacefully by his vet beside the ocean. He is survived by his sister, Stella, who is a year-old rescue dog from St. Petersburg, Russia. She is also a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Stewart portrayed the dog of 99th Police Precinct’s Commanding Officer Capt. Holt, who is played by Andre Braugher, and his husband, Kevin Cozner, played by Marc Evan Jackson.

The short-legged dog has come to the precinct’s rescue over and over.

Cheddar’s character was first introduced to the show in the first season in an episode called “The Party” and has appeared in several famous Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes throughout the series.

Starting in Season 4, Cheddar solidified himself as a staple on the show’s annual Halloween episodes.

His other famous appearances include Season 3’s episode, “Cheddar,” where he is accidentally set loose while Jake Peralta, played by Andy Samburg, and Amy Santiago, played by Melissa Fumero, are house-sitting for Holt. He was also acted as the furry ring bearer at Peralta and Santiago’s wedding. In that episode, he ended up passing out from eating the couple’s wedding cake shaped like Nakatomi Plaza from the film Die Hard.

The role of Cheddar has been played by a few different dogs since the character’s first appearance on the show. Stewart had played the role the longest.

The corgi was lauded by TVLine in 2018 when he was awarded the year’s best performance by an animal.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine first aired on Fox, but the show was canceled in May of 2018 after five seasons. Fans were outraged, but the show was then picked up by NBC. The show raised its ratings when it moved to the new network.

There has been no mention as to how the beloved dog’s passing will impact the show. Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s writers haven’t made any statements as to whether he will be replaced, or if Cheddar will get a showbiz sendoff.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was recently renewed for a seventh season.