Cardi B. Releases Song On Daughter’s Birthday: ‘I Aint Even Meet You And I Love You To Death’

Cardi B. wears black outfit onstage
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Cardi B. and Offset welcomed their baby girl, Kulture, into the world on July 10, 2018. Now, they are celebrating her first birthday. According to Hollywood Life, Cardi B. actually released a song on Kulture’s birthday in honor of her.

Cardi dropped a brand-new song yesterday, on Kulture’s first birthday. She also shared a message about the song with her followers on Instagram. Cardi revealed in the caption of the photo that the song was actually supposed to go on her recent album. However, even though the beat was approved, Cardi was too stuffy. No matter what they did, they couldn’t make her voice sound normal.

She also wrote a cute line about her baby girl in the caption about how she loves her daughter.

“Thank you everybody for wishing my sweet baby a Happy Birthday.I made this song one day before I turned in my album and Eve gave me the green light for the beat I was so grateful! She a real one!It didn’t make it on time tho cause as you can hear I was maaa stuffy with a terrible cold.I couldn’t get it right no matter how many times I spit it????Even when we try to mix it u still sound stuffy. I love my baby she changed my life,”

That left the song for a special release on Kulture’s birthday, making it even more special than if it went on the album. According to Hollywood Life, Cardi actually raps about her only daughter in the song.

One lyric of the rap song says “I aint even meet you and I love you to death.”

She actually wrote this song before Kulture was even born. However now, she shared a video on Instagram of Kulture throughout the year while she rapped about how fast she was growing. She also mentions how the deadline of the album was approaching.

According to another Hollywood Life article, Cardi started Kulture’s birthday celebration at midnight on July 10. The pair had balloons and cupcakes. Cardi shared the event on Instagram, and Kulture even got to feed Cardi a cupcake. Hollywood Life also says that a source close to Cardi says that while she loves Kulture and is open to the idea of more children in the future, right now she’s happy with where she’s at.

The site also says that Cardi and Offset planned to give Kulture a diamond chain for her birthday. The piece of jewelry was valued at $100,000.