Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Sonny & Jason At Odds Over Dev

Sonny isn't listening to what Jason has to say about Dev.

General Hospital star Ashton Arbab.
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Sonny isn't listening to what Jason has to say about Dev.

Wednesday’s General Hospital was full of drama that mostly involved the reading of Oscar’s will, along with Shiloh thinking that he has the people of Port Charles right where he wants them. Jason is a big part of this Shiloh takedown storyline, as well. He is considered a fugitive, having just broken himself out of jail in Beecher’s Corners, with a little help from Michael. However, he took a little time to check in with Sonny before meeting with Sam.

According to SheKnows Soaps, for Thursday’s General Hospital, Sam will be relieved when she sees Jason walking into the PCPD with Harmony ready to give her statement against Shiloh. While those two are relieved that Shiloh will finally be out of commission soon, Jason has something else to worry about. He learned that Sonny has gotten himself way too involved with his new house guest, Dev.

The teen is being taken care of by Sonny, even more than expected. He has gone so far as to give Dev a new identity, thanks to Brick who gave him all of the documents he needed to make him a part of the Corinthos family. Once Jason saw what was happening, he questioned Sonny about it. Sonny is all about helping the boy because he saved his life while in Turkey looking for Dante. He wants to repay him. Jason thought it was okay to give him a new identity, but he has a problem with the living arrangements.

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Jason told Sonny that Dev should live somewhere else, especially with the new baby coming soon. Sonny listened to him, but he was insistent that this was the right thing to do because he sees the potential in the boy. Jason made the point that they don’t know anything about his past or his family in Turkey. He argued that they could be dangerous and pose a threat to Sonny’s family.

In the end, the two men didn’t see eye-to-eye on the situation. Jason hasn’t said it out loud yet, but it is likely he thinks that Sonny wants a do-over with Dev. This situation is just like the one where he took Stone Cates in years ago. But Jason is just not comfortable with Dev being so close to the people he cares about the most.

Dev certainly knows how to push Josslyn’s buttons already. There may be a teen love triangle soon between Dev, Joss and Cameron. Jason has every right to be suspicious about the boy, since no one knows who he really is or if he has enemies who may follow him to Port Charles.

Dev’s past will eventually be revealed. General Hospital fans will just have to wait to see if he is really up to something that could put Sonny and his family in danger.