Cameron Boyce’s Dad Shares Heartbreaking Picture Of His Son Taken Just Hours Before His Death


Cameron Boyce’s dad made a heartbreaking tribute to the young actor on Wednesday, sharing a picture of his son taken just hours before his tragic death.

Boyce passed away over the weekend after reportedly suffering a seizure in his sleep, leading to an outpouring of condolences for the 20-year-old Disney Channel actor. Cameron’s dad, Victor Boyce, joined in on Wednesday by posting a picture on Instagram of Cameron taken in the final hours of his young life.

“My son. Just hours before he was snatched from our lives,” Victor wrote in the picture’s caption. “I miss him terribly. I hope that no one ever has to feel the agony I’m feeling but no one is immune to tragedy.”

Victor told fans that their “outpouring of love and support” for the entire Boyce family had been appreciated, thanking fans for helping them through what he said was “our worst possible situation.”

As People magazine noted, the note attracted comments from many of those who knew and worked with Cameron, including Descendants co-star Dove Cameron who shared her support for her late friend’s family in their difficult time.

“i love you and your whole family so much and forever. there was life before this, and now life after this. my thoughts have not left you and they will stay with you,” she wrote in response to Victor’s post.

Cameron Boyce’s family has already committed to carrying on the young actor’s legacy. As The Inquisitr reported, the actor was working on a social media campaign called Wielding Peace at the time of his death. The project was to show celebrities along with survivors of gun violence delivering a message that using weapons is never a solution to problems.

Cameron himself played a key role in the planning of the project, People magazine reported.

“I’ve named the concept Wielding Peace. It will be a collection of images that feature people from all walks of life (celebrities, victims of gun violence, common supporters) wielding ‘guns.’ The catch is, the ‘guns’ that we’re using as props will be items that signify unity and peace,” Cameron had written in a letter to those he wanted to be involved in the project.

The report noted that Cameron’s family and friends were now determined to see the project through to completion as a way to uphold his legacy. But Cameron Boyce’s family will have another priority first — laying the 20-year-old to rest. His funeral services are reportedly being planned.