Heidi Klum Nails The Bottle Cap Challenge In Japan With Tim Gunn's Trusty Guidance

Heidi Klum executed a perfect cap removal for the Bottle Cap Challenge that has been going around the world and back again. Her partner in crime, Tim Gunn, literally had Heidi's back as the fashion expert held onto the slender blonde while she attacked a bottle that once held water.

The former Project Runway colleagues obviously trust and support each other, which means a lot when you're trying to do something difficult.

Heidi and Tim had the perfect chance to prove this statement is true. The two were in Tokyo working on their new show, Making the Cut, when Heidi decided to use her skill set for the nearly impossible task of removing a tightly twisted bottle cap from an empty water bottle.

Who knew Heidi was adept at karate, her technique for making the cut on this challenge that commands a 360-degree kick to accomplish the globally trending show of adept skill? But why not? This model-mogul does practically anything she puts her mind to, not only with finesse but with style, too.

In fact, Heidi was dressed to impress for her bottle cap challenge. She was wearing a showy, neon yellow garment that was open in the front, which featured the supermodel's long, long legs as she went into motion for the athletic challenge.

Still, as she proceeded, the fearless fashion leader looked swell, her long hair perfectly coiffed, and her pretty face meticulously yet subtly made up.

Prior to removing her shoes, Heidi was wearing nifty stilettos held on by long straps wound around her slender ankles. The trendy heels matched her neon yellow frock.

Klum was apparently dressed that way because a previous Instagram post showed her working in front of the camera with pal Tim Gunn at her side. The post's caption indicated that it was anyone's guess as to who will ultimately take home the million dollar prize that Making the Cut will gift the show's winner at the conclusion of the first season of Heidi and Tim's new Amazon Prime Video television series.Meanwhile, Wednesday's video proving Klum's awesome execution of the Bottle Cap Challenge was presented in slow motion, providing plenty of drama. The voices of the parties involved were drawn out in slow motion, too, sounding like growls and making no sense until the very end when the challenge came to its happy conclusion.

At that point, Tim was audibly heard to have shouted, "Incredible," with a shocked look plastered on his sweet face.

Meanwhile, Heidi ended her successful run at the water bottle by putting both of her arms up in victory. She clenched her hands into fist pump position as she tried to show off her muscles beneath the billowy arms of the chic garment she wore.

After the feat has been accomplished, Heidi Klum nominated Naomi Campbell as the next victim -- er, contestant. These kind of dares are why the Bottle Cap Challenge keeps going and going like the Energizer Bunny. Still, whether or not Naomi will take on Heidi's request is anyone's guess.

As of now, Heidi's fellow supermodel has not met the challenge -- or at least Campbell has not shown her attempt on Instagram as of July 11.