Lamar Odom Was Kicked Out Of Big 3 League For Lack Of Preparation

Lamar Odom might have thought he was ready to play basketball again, but the Big 3 League doesn’t agree, stating that the former NBA player was unprepared, and they released him.

TMZ shared that Odom’s run in the Big 3 League was short-lived as he was deemed not ready to play. Ice Cube’s organization announced the move on Wednesday and listed four players being dropped from the league, Odom, Baron Davis, Jermaine O’Neal, and Bonzi Wells have all been deactivated for the remainder of the 2019 season.

TMZ Sports shared that Odom had a sense that he wasn’t prepared to play with the other former NBA players, and was scared of being embarrassed.

On the release, the league said it was making cuts to “maximize competition.”

“As the premier professional 3-on-3 league in the world, we are always striving to improve the quality of both the live and broadcast experience for our fans as well as the level of competition.”

In his time on the Enemies, Odom barely made an impact with two points and four rebounds. It’s possible that Odom could have the chance to try again in 2020, but it’s unclear if he will get another chance to try out for the burgeoning league.

After his health crisis at the Nevada brothel in 2015, Lamar Odom had publicly been stating that he was going to make his way back to the NBA, reports The Inquisitr.

In April 2016 when Odom’s old friend, Kobe Bryant retired from the Lakers, his former teammate said that he wasn’t ready to hang up his dream of playing professional basketball. Bryant arranged for Odom’s children to fly in from New York to Los Angeles for his final game, and it was a chance for the family to reunite after the father of two’s time in the hospital recovering from his strokes and coma.

Sources close to the family say that Kobe’s retirement game was the first time that Lamar Odom has seen his kids since Christmastime when he was still in the hospital. Odom was allegedly making an effort to rebuild his relationship with his children and is trying to see them more than once or twice a year. The trip to see Kobe Bryant’s final game at the Staple Center was a start, and later Odom would visit them back in New York with their mother.

Odom is now almost 40, and dreams of the NBA seem to be out of reach, but perhaps he can make it back to the Big 3.

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