Jack Changes The Abbotts Forever, ‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers Reveal

Peter Bergman plays Jack Abbott on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS.
Monty Brinton / CBS

With Jabot in trouble, Jack visits Ashley in Paris unexpectedly, new The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal. For a while now, these two have been at odds, but after Neil’s death and Dina’s further health issues, they opened a dialogue with each other, but remain on shaky ground.

Before her stunning exit last fall, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) spent the summer working hard to convince her brother, Jack (Peter Bergman) that he wasn’t John Abbott’s biological son. Jack nearly lost himself in his neverending search for his biological father, and shortly before she left, Ashley cruelly explained the whole thing had been a lie because she wanted to get revenge on Jack for the blood Abbott clause.

After that, news came out that John and Dina (Marla Adams) gave Ashley the rights to everything she’d created at Jabot. Ashley happily took her patents and hopped a plane to Paris where she started Jabot rival, My Beauty, and she and Jack have lobbed bombs at each other across the pond since then, except when she returned in connection with Neil’s (Kristoff St. John) untimely death.

Now, though, Jack has something he wants from Ashley, and Y&R head writer gave Soap Opera Digest all the intriguing details.

“Neil’s passing and Dina’s health have forced Jack and Ashley to take a hard look at themselves and put their differences aside. They received a reminder on the importance of family and realized their feud is wasting precious time,” Griffith explained.

Jack surprises his sister when he shows up in Paris. She shows him around her My Beauty empire, and Jack is impressed. The brother and sister share a lovely Parisian lunch outdoors, and Ashley probes her brother about his unexpected visit.

“Ashley and Jack share a special sibling bond,” said Griffith.

“Despite their recent physical and emotional distance, Ashley can sense that there is more going on with her brother than he’s admitting.”

All Ashley ever wanted was to fit in. When she found out her father wasn’t John Abbott, it crushed Ashley, and last year Jack made things worse by refusing Ashley the chance to run the family business, John Abbott’s legacy to all his children. As time has gone by, Jack realizes that about his sister, and even though her actions were cruel, Ashley’s trick last year made Jack feel the same way.

“Jack will make a surprising decision that will change the dynamics of the Abbott family.”

It’s possible that Jack asks Ashley to team up with Jabot. A My Beauty/Jabot merger would create an unstoppable force, and they might need that strength since Phyllis (Michelle Thompson) is at Dark Horse and looking for revenge.