Cameron Boyce’s Loved Ones Will Move Forward With The Actor’s Social Media Campaign Against Gun Violence

Cameron Boyce’s family and friends will make sure that the fallen actor’s latest project will be shown to the public.

People reports that at the time of Boyce’s death on Sunday, July 7, the actor was working on a social media campaign called Wielding Peace, his rep, Kasey Kitchen confirms. Boyce himself stated that Wielding Peace’s mission is to help fight against gun violence by showing celebrities, as well as survivors of gun violence, “wielding” a weapon of unity in hopes to let those who watch it that using weapons is never a solution.

“I’ve named the concept Wielding Peace. It will be a collection of images that feature people from all walks of life (celebrities, victims of gun violence, common supporters) wielding ‘guns.’ The catch is, the ‘guns’ that we’re using as props will be items that signify unity and peace,” Cameron wrote in a letter to those he asked to be involved, according to his rep.

“Household items such as musical instruments, cameras, food, sporting equipment, beauty products, articles of clothing… anything that might inspire someone creatively as well as make a strong statement with the sentiment that we need to choose a different weapon.”

Kitchen confirmed that Boyce’s family and friends were all in agreement that the project needed to be followed through. She said that the project will come to fruition in “the near future” and will be a way to uphold his legacy.

The Inquisitr shared earlier this week that the Jessie star was confirmed dead on Saturday. The 20-year-old Disney star passed away in his sleep due to having a seizure, which was soon discovered to be a symptom of Boyce having epilepsy. The Los Angeles was also known for his role as Cruella De Vil’s son in the Descendants movies and was reportedly working on a plethora of roles before his death.

Wielding Peace is one of the advocate’s latest initiatives. The grandson of Civil Rights activist Jo Ann Boyce was a longtime advocate of a non-profit organization called the Thirst Project. The project raises awareness about the global water crisis. Boyce also accepted the Pioneering Spirit award at the annual gala for the organization in 2018.

Soon after learning of his death, many of Boyce’s peers, as well as prominent figures like former First Lady Michelle Obama, spoke of the actor’s compassion and work he was doing to better the community. His family also spoke out for the first time since his death described him as, “the very definition of human kindness, and a light that will forever shine as his spirit lives on in all who knew and loved him.”

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