Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes Expand Their Family By One More

Superstar power couple Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling already have two daughters together, but they have just added a new family member to their clan. The family tends to keep things about their relationship and their daughters quite private, but Eva decided to open up about this new addition via her Instagram page.

Gosling and Mendes already have daughters Esmeralda and Amada and now Eva shared via Instagram that they have added Lucho to their home. In this case, Lucho is a handsome rescue dog that they have recently adopted.

In response to some questions from followers on the social media post, Mendes noted that Lucho is a fawn-colored Doberman with floppy ears. She noted that he has a very sweet, gentle nature and the family’s fans immediately fell in love with him.

Mendes noted that they adopted Lucho from the Friends for Life Rescue Network and the rescue organization commented on the post introducing Eva’s new guy. They said they loved the name the family picked and that they couldn’t have chosen a better family for the sweet boy they had grown to love while he was with their rescue.

In the social media post, Eva encouraged others to consider adoption if they were looking to add a pet to their family. She also suggested that her animal lover followers who couldn’t add a pet to their own family might consider donating to the rescue they used for finding Lucho.

Lucho is not the first dog that Eva and Ryan have owned. TMZ notes that Ryan used to own a mixed-breed dog named George who died in December 2016. Several years ago, E! News noted that Eva also had a dog named Hugo.

Based on the TMZ post, it appears that Lucho has perhaps been with the Mendes and Gosling family for a few months. Ryan was spotted with a dog in April, taking him for a grooming session, and it appears that it was Lucho.

Fans would have to admit that waiting a while to introduce Lucho to the world is fairly consistent with how private Eva and Ryan tend to be regarding personal details about their family.

Popsugar noted that the power couple always kept their relationship under the radar as much as they could. They also didn’t reveal that they were expecting their first child until about three months before she was born. When Amada arrived in April 2016, the family never even released a formal statement about the new baby.

Congratulations to Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling, Esmeralda, and Amada on the addition of Lucho to the household!

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