Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Liesl Faces Questions From Franco & Chase Ponders A Huge Change

Kathleen Gati plays LIesl Obrecht on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

Fans have been anxious for months now to see Liesl Obrecht blow up the baby swap drama, and General Hospital spoilers hint that the big day may finally be on the horizon. As she faces big decisions about whether to finally detail the secret she has been hiding about Wiley, Chase will seemingly consider whether he wants to walk away from the life he has created.

Earlier this week, Obrecht got drunk at Franco and Elizabeth’s wedding reception. She made a comment to Franco about Wiley’s real father, and soon after that, somebody pushed her into the water. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Thursday’s show reveal that Franco will bring this conversation up with Liesl, hoping to gain clarity.

Franco will ask Obrecht what she meant by the comment she made on the Haunted Star. Soap Central has teased that this weekend Liesl would find herself in a position wherein she wishes that she could take something back. It seems likely that this teaser refers to what she said to Franco while she was drunk.

The lucky thing for Liesl is that Franco isn’t really connected enough to this baby swap drama to piece it all together himself. Obrecht might manage to throw him off the trail of this baby situation, and fans will learn more on Thursday.

The next episode will also have some moments between Chase and Willow that viewers will not want to miss. During Wednesday’s show, Chase voiced his extreme frustration over Willow being behind bars while Shiloh continued to remain free. Now, General Hospital spoilers share that he will throw out the idea that working for Sonny would perhaps make more sense for him than continuing to work as a detective.

Of course, it’s highly unlikely that Chase is at all serious about this. He is intensely frustrated, and he certainly feels hampered by his commitment to following the law. Willow will probably appreciate his commitment to supporting her, but she’ll also probably remind him how much he loves the work he does.

It isn’t clear yet how Willow will get out of jail, but General Hospital spoilers note that she will look forward to healing and moving forward as Thursday’s episode plays out. However, she will surely soon learn that Wiley isn’t actually her biological son — and that revelation will set the stage for a fresh round of heartbreak.

Many fans feel pretty certain that all of this Shiloh drama is building up to a new whodunnit mystery. There are already a solid handful of Port Charles residents who would have a good motive for doing away with the Dawn of Day leader, and the list is growing by the day.

Not only is Shiloh hated by Kristina, Willow, Sam, and their loved ones, but now he has Oscar’s voting shares of ELQ. This won’t sit well with anybody. Additional General Hospital spoilers revealing where things head next with Shiloh should emerge soon, and fans are ready for him to get what he deserves.