Cardi B Celebrates Kulture’s First Birthday With ’12 O Clock Turn Up’

Cardi B spent the night celebrating her daughter Kulture’s first birthday. Kulture was born July 10, 2018, to Cardi and Offset. According to HollywoodLife, the baby and her mom had already started celebrating the birthday as of midnight last night.

Cardi took to Instagram to show off her and her baby celebrating Kulture’s birthday at the stroke of midnight. In the kitchen, Kulture sat on the counter with balloons and an entire tray of cupcakes. The photo also shows Kulture feeding Cardi a messy cupcake.

Cardi referred to the celebration in the photo’s caption as a little “12 o clock turn up.”

Kulture is wearing a cute party outfit, including a black skirt, a white top, and a white headband. She has a cupcake smeared on her lap, too. Cardi seems to be makeup-free and sporting her completely natural hair. The mom is a little less dressed up, sporting leggings and a tank top.

The comments section of the post is full of love for Kulture. People everywhere are sending birthday messages and heart emoji, and are telling Cardi just how amazing the baby is.

It sounds like cupcakes aren’t the only thing Kulture will get to enjoy on her birthday, though.

According to HollywoodLife, Cardi and Offset have a pretty big birthday present planned for their 1-year-old. Apparently, they bought her a diamond chain necklace. The large piece of jewelry is valued at $100,000.

It is still unclear if they will be giving Kulture any other gifts for her first birthday, or if there will be even more celebrating.

Cardi posted on Instagram leading up to this day, as well. Yesterday, the singer shared a photo of baby Kulture, and the little one had no visible teeth.

She captioned the photo, “She was so tiny,” and included a few sad emoji.

Even though Cardi and Kulture seem to have a great bond, Kulture will be Cardi’s only child for a while, HollywoodLife claims. A source close to Cardi has said that she is happy with where she and Kulture are right now. However, the same source did say that the rapper is open to the idea of more children, and that she does want a bigger family. However, she’s seemingly not in any rush. Right now, Cardi’s happy with having Kulture.

This all comes after Cardi B and Offset struggled with their relationship. According to HollywoodLife, they went through a rough patch in 2018. Cardi made it clear that she wasn’t interested in taking Offset back. However, she did take him back, and now they are celebrating their daughter, Kulture, together as a couple.