Meghan Markle Slammed As A Control Freak By Wimbledon Fans

Meghan Markle is facing heat once again after appearing at Wimbledon earlier this week. The Duchess of Sussex made an appearance at the storied tennis event to support her good friend, Serena Williams. However, according to The Daily Mail, the American actress-turned-royal sparked outrage when she reportedly had her protection officers ask that attendees in the vicinity not take pictures — even when the pictures were of the tennis match.

Three-time court tennis world champion Sally Jones was one of the attendees who was asked to put her camera phone away by Meghan’s “embarrassed” bodyguard. Jones claimed that she was just trying to take a picture of the match and was not even aware that the Duchess of Sussex was in the audience.

“There were around 200 photographers snapping away at her but security were sent to warn an old biddy like me. It makes them look silly. It’s childish and takes us for fools,” she said.

“Harry and Meghan see themselves more as A-list celebrities rather than royals carrying out their duties. It’s control-freakery.”

Jones commented that after the incident, she noticed that the former Suits actress was “clearly looking around looking to see who was looking at her.”

Jones also added that she had been in close vicinity with the Duchess of Cambridge earlier that week, and there had been no similar restrictions put in place.

Another man, who was seated in front of the new mom, was also asked to put his camera away, despite the fact that he was taking a selfie.

Many expressed their outrage in response to the perceived diva demands, including Location, Location, Location actress Kirstie Allsopp, who voiced her opinion in a tweet on Tuesday morning.

“If you earn money by entertaining, in sport or media, or by being a member of the royal family, photos are part of the deal – because you’re… lucky to have the privileges that come with the jobs & the wages.”

As reported by The Inquisitr, news personality Piers Morgan had a similar reaction to the duchess’s call for privacy, which he called “ridiculous.”

“If you want to be private, go back to America and live privately,” he said of the incident.

Royal sources said that the request was made because Meghan was at the tournament in a “private capacity.” However, critics have pointed out that the event could hardly be considered private, as the court seated 12,000, and the match was broadcast to millions more on television.

The Duchess of Sussex is currently on maternity leave. Serena Williams has a match scheduled for July 11 against Barbora Strycova.

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