Gabrielle Union Melts Hearts With Instagram Picture Playing In The Pool With Baby Kaavia

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Gabrielle Union has a busy slate ahead of her, but always has time to play with her newborn daughter, Kaavia.

The actress shared an adorable Instagram picture on Tuesday showing her playing in the pool with the baby, who arrived via a surrogate last November. The picture was an immediate viral hit with her followers, attracting tens of thousands of likes in just a few minutes along with plenty of comments about the happy family.

“This is the cutest picture ever,” one wrote.

“I just love how happy you look every time you are around Kaavia,” another noted.

In the caption, Gabrielle shared that fans could look forward to more America’s Got Talent, where she serves as a judge but offered up the adorable family photo to placate fans in the meantime.

Gabrielle Union and husband Dwyane Wade welcomed Kaavia to the family last year after Gabrielle said she struggled to conceive. In an interview with Oprah Magazine a few weeks after they welcomed the baby girl to the family, Gabrielle said that she wad almost given up on having a baby and called Kaavia’s birth a “miracle.”

“I’ve cried so many times today for so many reasons, mainly because I’d gotten accustomed to heartbreak and disappointment,” Union wrote. “I think a lot of us live in that space. I set up shop there. This moment reminded me that miracles do happen.”

Gabrielle has opened up about her multiple miscarriages and struggles with a menstrual disorder that causes discomfort and made it difficult for her to conceive.

But she was determined to add to the family, and Dwyane Wade said they were actually inspired by Michelle Obama opening up about using IVF to become pregnant.

“What Michelle and Barack did was like another strong, powerful voice in the African-American community stepping up, educating, and having a responsibility in saying, ‘You’re not the only one,’ ” he told Oprah Magazine. “It was great for us and the reason we decided to talk about everything that we went through.”

There was plenty of secrecy around the surrogacy itself, Entertainment Tonight reported. Gabrielle Union said that the woman carrying Kaavia didn’t know she would be interviewed by the celebrity couple, though Union admitted, “I knew all about her.”

Gabrielle Union has used her Instagram page to give fans a close-up glimpse of life with an infant at home, including some other shots of her playing in the pool with Kaavia. The pictures have been a huge hit with her followers, garnering viral responses and attracting attention across the celebrity news world.