Ashley Jacobs Returns To ‘Southern Charm,’ Teases 2019 Appearance On Instagram After Thomas Ravenel Split

Ashley Jacobs shared a sneak peek with her online fans.

Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel appear on 'Southern Charm' Season 5.
Paul Cheney / Bravo

Ashley Jacobs shared a sneak peek with her online fans.

Ashley Jacobs is returning to Southern Charm for the series’ new episode on Wednesday night.

Nearly one year after the reality star and California native split from the series’ now-fired star, Thomas Ravenel, she will be seen reuniting with her co-stars for what is sure to be a dramatic episode.

In a sneak peek at Jacobs’ upcoming return shared by The Daily Dish on July 9, she’s seen arriving to an outdoor event where her co-stars are ready, waiting, and armed with questions and comments about her controversial behavior, including the ill statements she’s made about a number of the series’ cast members.

“I know you talked some s**t about my mother,” Whitney Sudler-Smith says.

“Same for her,” Jacobs replies. “She’s almost 80. You’d think she would know better.”

Cameran Eubanks also has a bone to pick with Jacobs after learning she called her and her co-stars “losers” in a tweet. However, according to Jacobs, she did so out of retaliation after Eubanks said she was a “horrible person” for calling Kathryn Dennis an “egg donor.”

As the preview clip continued, Jacobs was confronted about calling one of her co-stars a “b***h” before Eliza Limehouse tells the group that she would have been open to a reconciliation with Jacobs if she was willing to apologize for her mistakes. Unfortunately, that isn’t Jacobs’ approach and as she continues to be flooded with backlash from the cast, she appears more and more hesitant to make an effort to reconcile any of her past relationships.

Ashley Jacobs is seen at the 'Southern Charm' Season 5 reunion.

Following the release of the new sneak peek, Jacobs took to her Instagram page, where she shared the clip with her fans and followers.

“Dun Dun Duuuun…,” she teased.

Then, after a fan said that Jacobs was walking into the “lion’s den” in the sneak peek, she admitted that the upcoming episode won’t be easy to watch and said she would have preferred to walk into an actual lion’s den.

“I’d probably have a better chance!” she joked.

Jacobs and Ravenel’s relationship, and the way in which it impacted Dennis, was a hot topic throughout the fifth season of Southern Charm but due to the allegations of sexual assault that were made against him in early 2018, Bravo TV chose to cut ties with him ahead of filming on the Season 5 reunion.

To see more of Jacobs and her co-stars, don’t miss new episodes of Southern Charm Season 6 on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on Bravo TV.