Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Plenty Of Drama Was Afloat On The ‘Haunted Star’

Craig SjodinABC Press

Mr. and Mrs. Franco Baldwin celebrated their new marriage with their friends and family on Monday’s General Hospital. The Haunted Star became the place to be as the newlyweds, Liz and Franco, threw a smashing party, but it certainly wasn’t without some drama and mayhem. There were secrets to be kept, babies to be made, and the dead to be brought back.

As everyone gathered to celebrate Franco and Elizabeth’s new life together, there were a few chaotic moments happening elsewhere on the boat. There are plenty of General Hospital spoilers on Soap Central for the week of July 8 that have yet to be aired, and it will prove to be filled with drama in the days ahead. Looking back on Monday’s show, Liesl Obrecht had a little too much to drink and began talking too much. She unleashed part of her secret to Franco mentioning Brad and baby Wiley.

That certainly didn’t do her any favors as someone was lurking about listening in. Later, she went overboard into the water below after someone pushed her. But don’t worry, Obrecht isn’t going anywhere. Someone will end up finding and pulling her from impending death. More spoilers tease that she will end up wishing that she could take things back, which likely means that Obrecht will realize that she may have said too much to Franco.

Also in the mix on the Haunted Star was a surprising move from Kim Nero. She has been filled with desperation to have a baby with Drew Cain and now she has taken it way too far. After the lights went out, Kim and Drew went to find the fuse box. That’s when Kim made her move and injected Drew with a syringe to drug him.

Drew was shocked, and so were fans who watched it all go down. Kim is determined to have Drew’s child one way or the other. However, the previews for Tuesday’s General Hospital reveal that Julian runs up on someone and asks what they are doing. He may go looking for Kim, only to find her with a drugged Drew. As The Inquisitr had indicated, she will be filled with regrets. Maybe now the two men will band together to make sure that Kim gets the help that she needs to get through her grief over Oscar’s death.

Also, the end of Monday’s show had the dramatic entrance of Hayden Barnes at the wedding reception. No one was more surprised than Finn. This is sure to bring on more drama as the party on the Haunted Star continues.

To add to the mix was Ava’s desperation to bring Kiki back with the help of a psychic named Sibley. Valentine wasn’t too thrilled when the psychic mentioned Nina’s mother Madeline and then proceeded to give him a message from her saying, “Next time, use the tweezers.”

It wasn’t all drama and chaos at the party. There was plenty of love, romance, dancing, and Elizabeth’s adorable sons performing a song for their mother and her new husband. The wedding reception continues on Tuesday’s General Hospital.