MTV Called Diddy To Bring Back 'Making The Band'

Taylor Riley

Remember Danity Kane, the girl group that blew up after MTV's Making the Band?

Well, Diddy, who made the band, might be bringing the popular show back to find the next big thing, according to Yahoo.

Diddy took to Instagram on Monday getting his fans' hopes up for a reboot.

He told viewers that MTV called out of nowhere and asked if he'd like to bring back the show. Diddy told fans, though, he thought maybe the show was too good the first time to try it again.

It all started with a social media exchange between DJ Heat, Seth Rogan and Wale.

"I need Hulu or Netflix to give us all of the Diddy Making the Band seasons. Lol," DJ Heated tweeted. Wale responded with, "Please @Diddy. The nostalgia.. we need it."

The Rogan jumped in, saying "I just wanna see Dylon spit hot fire," referencing Da Band member Dylan Dilinjah.

The show aired in the early 2000s, an era of influential reality television. In four respective seasons, Diddy executive produced and starred in the show that created Da Band, Danity Kane, Day26, and Donnie Klang.

Speaking of the bands, where are they now? Ranker put a list together of the bands' current states.

Danity Kane, comprised of Shannon Bex, Aubrey O'Day, Dawn Richard, Aundrea Fimbres, and D. Woods, put out three albums and broke up in 2014.

Da Band members were Sara Stokes, Dylan Dilinjah, Chopper (AKA Young City) Babs, E. Ness, and Freddy P. They disbanded in 2018.

Day 26 consisted of Robert Curry, Brian Angel, Willie Taylor, Qwanell Mosley, and Michael McCluney. They're still going strong.

Donnie Klang released one album with Diddy before going independent. He started his own record company.

Aubrey O'Day of Danity Kane might be the most famous person to come out of the franchise. She was also on Celebrity Apprentice, Celebrity Big Brother, and Marriage Boot Camp. Now, she's one half of the duo Dumblonde, which includes Danity Kane member Shannon Bex.

Want to see Making the Band happen? Tell Diddy. Post with the hashtag #IWantMyMTB to get the band back together.