Viral Picture Of Crocs Mascot Creeps Twitter Out

David SilvermanGetty Images

An image that went viral on Twitter that shows a small figure of a green man made entirely out of crocs while wearing a pair of crocs is breaking the collective brain of the internet according to The Daily Mail. The image created horror and confusion amongst the Twitterati while they tried to answer an unanswerable question: Is the flesh made out of the shoe? Or is the shoe made out of the flesh?

The image posted by @Fancywookiee showed the offending mascot standing guard outside of a shoe shop. The tweet has over 35,000 retweets and 150,000 likes.

The mascot is called Croslite and was a character in a commercial for Crocs in the U.K. Croslite is the patented material Crocs are made up of. The figure is used in marketing to kids alongside their children’s line of shoes. The toy is sold as a figurine as well as a keychain.

Twitter users came up with some new monikers for the Crocs creation such as Crocmonster, Crocness Monster, and Croc Lobster.

In a hilarious thread on Twitter, people posted versions of the bizarre item they’ve spotted around the world. A few people even claimed to have found the green figurine’s girlfriend or baby.

Crocs issued a cheeky reply on Twitter to counter the horrified reactions in an effort to straighten out what the mascot is really made of.

One Twitter user speculated on where the statue of nightmares might have emerged from.

Crocs have always been a divisive topic in the fashion world. Some have called them the world’s ugliest shoe.

Earlier this month, People reported that the shoe company had teamed up with the delicately-patterned accessories brand Vera Bradley for some floral flops and slip-on sliders.

The shoe company also teamed up with rapper Post Malone as reported by The Inquisitr last year. And they’ve even managed to take on a heavy metal edge after partnering up with over-the-top 1970s rock band, and merchandising machine, Kiss. To amp up the clogs, a companion series of novelty charms feature the Kiss logo as well as the stage personas of The Demon, The Catman, The Starchild, and The Spaceman.

There is nowhere the shoe brand won’t go. The brand also controversially teamed up with cult Japanese clothing line Beams to put little fanny packs on the back straps of the shoes. The zippered pockets are large enough to store essentials like keys, cash, but not your dignity. You should probably leave that at home.