Seacrest Wedding Rumors: ‘American Idol’ Host Dodges Question

Ryan Seacrest Wedding Rumors

Ryan Seacrest isn’t ready to address wedding rumors just yet.

While kicking off the “Idol Across America” event on Friday, Seacrest dodged questions about whether or not wedding bells are in his future. Instead of giving a straight answer, the American Idol host simply avoided it altogether.

According to The Associated Press, Ryan Seacrest didn’t respond to wedding rumors when one of its reporters made the inquiry during Friday’s event. Since the host’s personal life is a closely-guarded secret, he wasn’t ready to divulge any information just yet.

When asked about the rumors, Seacrest responded: “Are you getting married?” A quick game of “Are you?” ensued, though no information about the supposed wedding was ever obtained.

Zap2It reports that Ryan Seacrest and actress Julianne Hough have been dating since 2010. Although fans are clearly eager to see where the relationship heads next, apparently Seacret isn’t ready to cough up anything info about these supposed wedding rumors.

According to Ad Age, the American Idol host was in New York on Friday to kick off “Idol Across America.”

The promotional event will see fans and celebrities carrying the show’s iconic microphone from NYC to Los Angeles. Interested parties will be able to track the event on the official website. Updates on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, will chronicle the microphone’s journey across the country.

When all is said and done, the microphone will have visited 13 states across the nation. Everything will wrap up during the March 13 episode of the competition.

Seacrest explained:


“It’s going to be cool because as the microphone comes through each city, it will be run by fans of the show, local heroes, inspirational figures, celebrities and then it will end up on our stage in Hollywood.”

Are you a fan of American Idol? What do you think about these supposed Ryan Seacrest wedding rumors?

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