July 7, 2019
Caitlyn Jenner Is Reportedly Reeling From Son Brody's 'Hurtful' Comments About Her Parenting

Caitlyn Jenner and her son Brody reportedly have two different points of view of their current relationship status.

The Inquisitr previously shared that The Hills: New Beginnings star recently discussed his relationship with his father on a recent episode with other sons of famous dads. During the talk, Brody described his father as a "15-year-old girl" and also stated that, at this point in his life, he "doesn't expect much" from Caitlyn in terms of working on their strained relationship. He also shared that the two had a "surface level" relationship for years, which began to improve a few years before Caitlyn decided to transition in 2015.

Hollywood Life reports that the I Am Cait alum reportedly caught wind of the conversation and Brody's comments. A source told the outlet that Brody's comments left his father confused as to where the harsh words were coming from.

"It's hurtful that Brody would say those things about her because she just doesn't see it that way," says our source.

"If anything Caitlyn feels she's always trying to connect with Brody and he's the one that doesn't have time for her so it's confusing. Caitlyn loves all her kids dearly and is always reaching out to them to try and spend quality time but all she can do is make the offer. They have to want to spend time with her. However, she's not going to shy away from this situation with Brody. She's determined to work on her relationship with him and do everything she can to heal it. She loves her son so much, it's important to her that he knows that."
Brody has often shared how he and Caitlyn weren't on the best of terms throughout most of his life. The reality star has shared that on numerous occasions, Caitlyn was absent from him and his brother Brandon's lives and had missed multiple major events. He also said that once Caitlyn married Kris in 1991, she became engulfed in the life of the Kardashian family.While Brody is still seemingly working on his relationship with Caitlyn, Brandon states that he and his father are "closer than ever." The two reportedly go flying together and Caitlyn shared a photo on her Instagram page of her, Brody, daughter Cassandra Marino, and her ex-wife Linda Thompson supporting Brandon on the set of his new music video.As for his famous daughters, Caitlyn is seemingly still close with them as well. Both Kendall and Kylie wished their dad a Happy Father's Day back in June. Kylie commented under a photo of Caitlyn giving tribute to the "dads in her life," while Kendall opted to post an older photo of the model and her Olympian dad.