July 7, 2019
Cameron Boyce Said He Was 'More Spiritual Than I've Ever Been' Months Before His Untimely Death At Age 20

Shortly before he would be found dead overnight at the age of 20, actor Cameron Boyce said that he was getting more in tune with his spirituality and mindfulness.

According to Heavy, Boyce did an interview with Dazed magazine in March. During the interview, Boyce revealed that he was inspired by his grandmother Jo Ann to bring more social consciousness to Hollywood. The Jessie actor shared that Jo Ann was one of the Clinton 12, a group of black students who attended Clinton High School in Tennessee after the Supreme Court's ruling to desegregate schools in 1954. He described his grandmother during that time as "so brave" for enduring all of the negativity that was spewed her way, including death threats and other acts of violence while attending high school. Boyce also referred to his grandmother and the rest of the Clinton 12 as "heroes."

The actor also discussed how he felt about his own spirituality. He said that while he didn't have one religious practice that he was following, he had become "more spiritual than I've ever been." He also said that he had become more aware of the world around him, as well as the act of karma.

"I've never been particularly religious but I have recently acknowledged the universe and its crazy powers, and that will probably fluctuate for the rest of my life," he said. "But I believe in a lot of things that you hear, I believe in karma, I believe that things happen for a reason. I believe that if you put energy out into the universe, you'll receive it back."

Throughout his life, Boyce was also using his platform to make charitable strides and to inform his audience about major events in history. In 2017, the actor received a Daytime Emmy Award in 2017 for "Outstanding Promotional Announcement." Comic Book reports that Boyce, joined by his grandmother, participated in a series called Timeless Heroes in honor of Black History Month.

A spokesperson for Disney announced on Sunday that Boyce passed away due to a seizure he had overnight. The actor had an "ongoing medical condition" that was deemed to be the cause of the seizure. The Los Angeles native was referred to as an "old soul" and was remembered by many of his co-stars and celebrity friends, per The Inquisitr.

"The world is now undoubtedly without one of its brightest lights, but his spirit will live on through the kindness and compassion of all who knew and loved him," a spokesperson for the Boyce family said.